Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oracle VM 3.0.2 patch update

By: Wim Coekaerts | SVP
Last Friday (9/30) we uploaded the first patch for Oracle VM 3.0 to My Oracle Support. You can download the upgrade ISO from the website. Just look for patch 13036236. When you download the patch file 50MB), just unzip the file and mount the included ISO image somewhere, or burn a CD and as user root start the script.

The upgrade utility will be able to upgrade from an existing Oracle VM 3.0.1 installation.

As always with an upgrade, it's recommended to do a full database repository backup. Or just run the exp utility against your Oracle VM Manager repository database and export the schema that's used to store the repository (defaults to ovs). Just in case.

Oracle VM Manager 3.0.1 has to be up and running for this process to start, the upgrade process will undeploy the application containers and replace them with the newer version. Most of the information to upgrade will be automatically detected. In version 3.0.1 we save the installation configuration to a config file in /u01/app/oracle/ovm-manager-3/.config. The only thing you will need to provide is the password for the database repository schema.

We do export the metadata into xml files and the upgrade script backs up these files as well, it would be possible to import this backup into the database again, however I would still recommend and exp of the database, it will be more convenient.(/tmp/ovm-manager-3-backup-(date).zip)

After the xml files are created, the upgrade tool will transform the data into the new format, delete the old data in the database and import the new version.

To upgrade the Oracle VM servers, you can register with the ovm3_3.0.2_x86_64_base channel on the Unbreakable Linux Network(ULN) and yum upgrade the servers.

The detailed documentation can be found here.

If you do not already have Oracle VM 3.0.1 installed, a new installer ISO image for Oracle VM 3.0.2 will also be made available in the next several days. If you can't wait, download 3.0.1 + the 3.0.2 patch and you're good to go as well.

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  • guest Tuesday, October 11, 2011

    We upgraded the OVM Manager to 3.0.2 successfully, but after the upgrade we're unable to migrate any VMs to other servers or the "unassigned" pool. The Servers picked up the "Upgrade Required" flag based on the 3.0.2 YUM repository, but they won't upgrade because VMs are attached to the VM Servers.

    All of our VMs are down, unable to start, unable to migrate, and the servers won't upgrade. If anyone is considering this, you might want to wait for the 3.0.2 ISO for the server upgrade (not the yum method); I'm guessing the boot-from-ISO takes OVM Manager out of the mix.

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