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  • September 14, 2018

Oracle Linux on Arm (aarch64) update

Nothing new to announce but I wanted to take a few minutes to give a little update on where we are with Oracle Linux for Arm. Just a quick summary:

- We have a full version of Oracle Linux 7 (update 5) for Arm. This is freely downloadable from edelivery. The ISO is free download, you can freely use it, you can redistribute it. Just like Oracle Linux x86. No authorization codes, no activation keys. Just download, install and use. Of course, this includes all source code.

- OL7 on Arm uses UEKR5 (4.14.x Linux) including DTrace support (Sometimes I hear people say that UEK is a proprietary kernel. It is not! It is fully open. All the changes, so you actually get to see every single commit of every single change we or others made, not a tar file. it's OPEN)

- there are a ton of packages built for OL/Arm:

ol7_MySQL80/aarch64              MySQL 8.0 for Oracle Linux 7 (aarch64)       32
ol7_developer/aarch64            Oracle Linux 7Server Packages for Develo     15
ol7_developer_EPEL/aarch64       Oracle Linux 7Server EPEL Packages for D 12,410
ol7_developer_UEKR5/aarch64      Oracle Linux 7Server Unbreakable Enterpr    183
ol7_latest/aarch64               Oracle Linux 7Server Latest (aarch64)     8,881
ol7_optional_latest/aarch64      Oracle Linux 7Server Optional Latest (aa  7,246
ol7_software_collections/aarch64 Software Collection Library for Oracle L    136
repolist: 28,903 

This includes a ton of EPEL stuff, as you can see above. We have a devtoolset containing gcc 7.3.1 we have support for other languages :golang 1.10, nodejs, python php,...  docker is there... lots of goodies to have a good easy full-fledged development environment.

As a reminder:  if you have an Arm box and you want to use docker -> we have images on docker hub for Arm as well.

you can simply do:

# docker pull oraclelinux:latest

and it pulls in the Arm docker image for Oracle Linux.


# docker pull oraclelinux:latest
latest: Pulling from library/oraclelinux
cd165b3abf95: Download complete 
[6329822.343702] XFS (dm-3): Mounting V4 Filesystem
cd165b3abf95: Extracting  86.45MB/86.45MB
cd165b3abf95: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:d60084c2aea5fa6cb8ed20c04ea5a8cd39c176c82a9015cc59ad6e860855c27f
Status: Downloaded newer image for oraclelinux:latest



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