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  • December 4, 2013

Oracle Linux containers

So I played a bit with docker yesterday (really cool) and as I mentioned, it uses lxc (linux containers) underneath the covers. To create an image based on OL6, I used febootstrap, which works fine but Dwight Engen pointed out that I should just use lxc-create since it does all the work for you.

Dwight's one of the major contributors to lxc. One of the things he did a while back, was adding support in lxc-create to understand how to create Oracle Linux images. All you have to do is provide a version number and it will figure out which yum repos to connect to on http://public-yum.oracle.com and download the required rpms and install them in a local subdirectory. This is of course superconvenient and incredibly fast. So... I played with that briefly this morning and here's the very short summary.

Start out with a standard Oracle Linux 6.5 install and uek3. Make sure to add/install lxc if it's not yet there (yum install lxc) and you're good to go.

*note - you also have to create /container for lxc - so also do mkdir /container after you install lxc, thank Tony for pointing this out.

# lxc-create -n ol65 -t oracle -- -R 6.5.

That's it. lxc-create will know this is an Oracle Linux container, using OL6.5's repository to create the container named ol65.

lxc-create automatically connects to public-yum, figures out which repos to use for 6.5, downloads all required rpms and generates the container. At the end you will see :

Configuring container for Oracle Linux 6.5
Added container user:oracle password:oracle
Added container user:root password:root
Container : /container/ol65/rootfs
Config : /container/ol65/config
Network : eth0 (veth) on virbr0
'oracle' template installed
'ol65' created

Now all you need to do is :

lxc-start --name ol65

And you are up and running with a new container. Very fast, very easy.

If you want an OL5.9 container (or so) just do lxc-create -n ol59 -t oracle -- -R 5.9. Done. lxc has tons of very cool features, which I will get into more later.
You can use this model to import images into docker as well, instead of using febootstrap.

#  lxc-create -n ol65 -t oracle -- -R 6.5
# tar --numeric-owner -jcp -C /container/ol65/rootfs . | \
docker import - ol6.5
# lxc-destroy -n ol65

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Comments ( 2 )
  • tony kay Thursday, December 5, 2013

    Very minor point, yum install lxc will not create /container so just mkdir /container and all is well. Dwight has done a great job, super simple.

  • Gilbert Standen Sunday, October 26, 2014

    Great post Wim! I just built a 2-node Oracle 12c ( on Ubuntu 14.04.1 using Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.5 LXC containers. Works great! The URL I provided with this comment points to the blog where I am documenting the build. Thanks, Gil

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