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  • March 13, 2015

Oracle Linux 7.1 and MySQL 5.6

Yesterday we released Oracle Linux 7 update 1. The individual RPM updates are available from both public-yum (our free, open, public yum repo site) and Oracle Linux Network. The install ISOs can be downloaded from My Oracle Support right away and the public downloadable ISOs will be made available in the next few days from the usual e-delivery site. The ISOs will also, as usual, be mirrored to other mirror sites that also make Oracle Linux freely available.

One update in Oracle linux 7 update 1 that I wanted to point out is the convenience of upgrading to MySQL 5.6 at install time. Oracle Linux 7 GA includes MariaDB 5.5 (due to our compatibility commitment in terms of exact packages and the same packages) and we added MySQL 5.6 RPMs on the ISO image (and in the yum repo channels online). So while it was easy for someone to download and upgrade from MariaDB 5.5 to MySQL 5.6 there was no install option. Now with 7.1 we included an installation option for MySQL. So you can decide which database to install in the installer or through kickstart with @mariadb or @mysql as a group. Again, MariaDB 5.5 is also part of Oracle Linux 7.1 and any users that are looking for strict package compatibility will see that we are very much that. All we have done is make it easy to have a better alternative option (1) conveniently available and integrated (2) without any compatibility risks whatsoever so you can easily run the real standard that is MySQL. A bug fix if you will.

I have a little screenshot available here.


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