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  • March 14, 2018

Oracle Linux 7 UEK5 preview 4.14.26

We just updated the UEK5 kernel preview to 4.14.26-1. The latest version is based on upstream stable 4.14.26 and can be found in our UEK5 preview channel.

The preview channel also has a number of other packages in it: an updated dtrace, updated daxctl and ndctl tools for persistent-memory.

Another thing I wanted to point out. We have had the source tree for UEK on oss.oracle.com for a long time in a git repo. We've always made sure that the changes are public, full git history both upstream and our own patches/bugfixes on top so it's very easy for anyone publicly to see what the source is. Not a tarball with just the end result source code, not a web-based only thing that's tedious to see what's up but standard git with all source, all commits. In order to make that a bit easier, we moved this to github.   Nothing different on the code side but this gives a nicer consolidated, cleaner view.


We use the exact same git repo/tree for Oracle Linux for x64 and for ARM64. This source tree also includes dtrace, etc...



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