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  • March 21, 2018

Oracle Linux 7 for ARM64 preview images on Docker Hub

A few days ago, we released the docker packages for OL7/ARM64. If you have an ARM64 server running OL7, you can just install docker as you would normally do on x64.

# yum install docker

Of course in order to use this you need some images on docker hub to get started with. While there are some Linux builds on Docker Hub already, we wanted to make sure you could get OL just like you can for x64. Both architectures will be built at same time going forward.

so you can do

# docker pull oraclelinux

# docker pull oraclelinux:7

# docker pull oraclelinux:latest

or if you want the smaller version

# docker pull oraclelinux:7-slim 
# docker images 
oraclelinux       7        b5e0e6470f16   2 hours ago 279MB 
oraclelinux       latest   b5e0e6470f16   2 hours ago 279MB 
oraclelinux       7-slim   fdaeac435bbd   2 hours ago 146MB

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