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  • October 2, 2013

Oracle Linux 6 on Microsoft Azure

One of the great keynotes at Oracle OpenWorld last week, was from Microsoft. You can watch the replay here. I think Brad did an awesome job, very engaging and a very positive partner message. There was a lot of Oracle Linux talk in the Microsoft session, just awesome.

We have worked closely with Microsoft to ensure that we can deploy Oracle Linux inside their Azure platform (and also just in general on Hyper-v). Part of the work is to provide templates that include Oracle products such as Oracle RDBMS and Oracle WebLogic on Oracle Linux in Azure. This is a similar concept as Oracle VM templates. You can go through the catalog on Azure, select a template and a few minutes later you end up with a complete running Virtual Machine. These templates with Oracle products are available for both Windows and Oracle Linux environments.

Microsoft has a free trial offering which I tried out last night (with my personal account) and within a few minutes and no prior knowledge of how their environment works, I had an Oracle Linux 6 update 4 instance up and running. Logged in using ssh. They have a very easy to navigate portal. We have configured Oracle Linux out of the box with public-yum for updates. So if you need an enterprise grade Linux distribution on Azure that comes with free updates/errata and fast connectivity to the update servers, go use Oracle Linux. And the nice thing is, if you need support for some of those VM's deployed, you just pay for those VM's you want support for.

This is also nice for ISVs that want to provide their own application solutions in Azure, they can use Oracle Linux and embed it in their VM with their app and, again, an enterprise grade solution that can be freely used without signing contracts with us, and be current with updates and errata. If the ISV then wants support, they can resell Oracle Linux subscriptions. This is a very simple, open, hassle-free solution.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Phil Wednesday, October 2, 2013

    Hi Wim, this is good news, but I'm struggling to find any validation that Oracle Linux is an Oracle officially supported platform for Hyper-V 2012/Azure.

    Nearly all certification documents mention Windows as being the only certified OS under Hyper-V 2012/Azure.

    Do you know if official OL support coming?

  • Chris Wednesday, October 2, 2013

    Wim I just got UEK3 beta working in Azure/OEL6.4 with no problems. Was at your talk at Openworld, thanks for the linux updates.

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