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  • June 21, 2017

Oracle Ksplice on Oracle Linux in Bare Metal Cloud

One of the great advantages of using Oracle Cloud is the fact that it includes full Oracle Linux support. All the services that you get with Oracle Linux Premier support are included without additional cost when you use Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Ksplice is such a service. (see: http://www.ksplice.com/ ). In order to use Oracle Ksplice outside of Oracle Cloud you configure it at install time when registering your Oracle Linux server with ULN (http://linux.oracle.com ) and you then use the generated access key to configure the uptrack tools.

With Oracle Cloud, both Oracle Public Cloud and Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services ( http://cloud.oracle.com ), we have made it very easy. Any instance that runs inside our infrastructure has immediate access to the ksplice servers.

For customers or users with existing Oracle Linux instances in BMCS, you have to do a few simple steps to enable Ksplice. We are in the process of adding the uptrack tools to the image by default so, soon, you don't have to do any configuration at all.

Enable Ksplice today:

Log into your Oracle Linux instance as user opc (or as root)

# sudo bash

Download the uptrack client:

# wget -N https://www.ksplice.com/uptrack/install-uptrack

or if you prefer to use curl

# curl -O https://www.ksplice.com/uptrack/install-uptrack

Install the client, make sure you use this exact key, it will only work inside BMCS and is a generic identifier.

# sh install-uptrack dfc21b3ced9af52f6a8760c1b1860f928ba240970a3612bb354c84bb0ce5903e --autoinstall

This command unpacks the downloaded script and install the uptrack utilities (Ksplice client tools). Ignore the connect error, you need the step below.

One more step. In order for the above key to work, you have to point the uptrack tools to a specific update server.

edit /etc/uptrack/uptrack.conf:

# The location of the Uptrack updates repository.


and that's it.

# uptrack-upgrade
Nothing to be done.
Your kernel is fully up to date.
Effective kernel version is 4.1.12-94.3.6.el6uek


For instances that are Bring Your Own we will automate the above steps as well. But at least this gets you going right away.


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