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  • October 1, 2017

Oracle Container Registry mirrors in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Just in time for Oracle OpenWorld 2017!

For quite some time now, we have had a Container Registry available for users with an Oracle Single-Signon account. This registry contains a large number of Docker images to make it really easy to get started with Oracle Products such as the Oracle Database, MySQL, Oracle Linux, Java, Weblogic etc...No need to create or register a new account. Many of you already have an Oracle SSO account for use with OTN, My Oracle Support or Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

The first time, you have to log in to the website hosted at http://container-registry.oracle.com (use your SSO account) and accept the licences for the products you want to download/pull with the Docker client. Once you have accepted the licenses, unless a license changes, or you want to access a product for which you have not yet accepted the license, you do not have to login to the website any more. From here on, you can use docker pull container-registry.oracle.com/<repository>/<product> to pull down the images you are interested in. 

Well, the above is not new, really but I wanted to give a very quick overview of what we have on our container registry.

What IS new:

Lots of our customers are using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and there is a big interest in using Docker images for new projects. Since we want our customers/developers to have the best experience, we created / will create local mirrors of the central Container Registry in each OCI region. As of right now, the Ashburn and Phoenix OCI regions mirrors are online, Frankfurt will follow shortly. Why does this help? Well, first of all, performance. A few examples: timing a pull (and extract) of an Oracle Linux 7-slim image is just over 3 seconds. MySQL Community server 8 seconds, Oracle Database Standard or Enteprise Edition 3 minutes (full downloaded and extracted in your local OCI instance). And secondly, all network traffic stays within the Oracle Datacenters so you are not consuming Internet Traffic bandwidth.

The process remains the same: the main website to accept licenses is still http://container-registry.oracle.com. When you use docker on the command line in your instance, use either container-registry-phx.oracle.com or container-registry-ash.oracle.com. In the near future we will enable container-registry-fra.oracle.com. 

First you have to login on the command line:


# docker login container-registry-ash.oracle.com
Username: wim.coekaerts@oracle.com
Login Succeeded


Next you can pull one of the many images:


# docker pull container-registry-ash.oracle.com/os/oraclelinux:7-slim
7-slim: Pulling from os/oraclelinux
d9ca67fed2e2: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:2c4be3230da36933e1e9961909ed40c7fc3cc36107f86c2ed6c1775ea1c884fc
Status: Downloaded newer image for container-registry-ash.oracle.com/os/oraclelinux:7-slim

These registries are also accessible from outside of the OCI regions over the internet so if you experience slow access to container-registry.oracle.com, try one of these new ones.

We have a number of product categories available. You can find all the details on how to use them, which tags (versions of images such as 7.1 7.4, latest,...) on the registry website:

We are working on providing a mirror for http://yum.oracle.com inside OCI as well. Stay tuned for more Oracle Linux goodies in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.



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