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  • June 5, 2018


I will write up some examples on this later but for now... here's the changelog:

The oci-utils package is used to manage block volumes and VNICs and is available for use with Oracle Linux 7 images in Oracle Cloud (excludes support for OCI-C).  The latest release (oci-utils-0.6-34.el7) is available in the Oracle Linux 7 developer channel on YUM. The following changes/additions have been made in this release (0.6):
    - Support added for API access through Instance Principals
    - Support added for root using a designated user's OCI config files and keys
    - oci_utils API automatically detects authentication method to be used
    - ocid can discover secondary IP addresses and CHAP user/password using
       OCI API calls, if the Python SDK is configured or if Instance Principals is used
    - network proxy support for making SDK calls
    - configuration files for ocid: /etc/oci-utils.d/*
    - support configuring the various functions of ocid individually,
       including refresh frequency or turning them off completely.
    - ocid saves state and restores all volumes and VNIC configuration after reboot
    - oci-network-config: new option: --detach-vnic
    - oci-iscsi-config: new option: --destroy-volume
    - oci-utils APIs are now thread safe
    - NEW tool: oci-image-cleanup - a script that runs a set of cleanup steps to
       prepare the instance for a custom image
    - oci-kvm utility rejects attempts to create guests if the required 
       virtualization support is not enabled in the image it is being executed on




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