Oracle VM template builder, validated configs and Siebel CRM 8.1 template

Another busy news day for Oracle VM

Today we made 3 announcements around Oracle VM, let me summarize them for everyone and provide the links.

First of all, Validated Configurations on Oracle VM.

We launched the Validated Configurations program a few years ago, around Unbreakable Linux and Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL). We wanted to make sure that the operating system (OS) was actually well tested as part of a whole stack rather than just basic OS testing that tends to happen. The Validated Configurations site has been very popular with many customers and provides great information and guidelines on configurations across the stack. In most cases that meant "Database on OEL on Server x using Storage y". This has helped increase customer's confidence in deploying full enterprise software stacks on Linux and it helped reduce time to deploy a setup and so on.

So with Oracle VM we wanted to extend this to include Oracle VM underneath Oracle Enterprise Linux and above the server hardware and we now basically have "Database on OEL on Oracle VM on Server with Storage". The same extensive testing is done inside the Linux guests on top of Oracle VM and top to bottom validation. This should do the same as what we did before but now including the virtualization layer. Additionally. it should provide an extra level of comfort to customers given the amount of testing we do on top of our products. In particular making use of the Oracle product suites.

Secondly, we announced a new component to Oracle VM's product stack called Oracle VM Template Builder.

A while back we had created a Just Enough OS (JeOS) bundle around Oracle Enterprise Linux which was a set of packages you can install on top of an OS and that came with a set of tools to easily create Virtual Machines OS templates to be used with Oracle VM. Anyone can use this to create small VMs and then add any of the packages they need on top and configure the VM with one or more virtual disks, memory size and number of CPUs etc. All the Oracle product templates are built using the JeOS image as a starting point. Just to point out that this is not a New Distribution. JeOS is just a package set of the standard Oracle Enterprise Linux distribution. Instead of doing a normal CD install, in this case through the tools it will generate a virtual disk image and install the OEL RPMs directly rather than do a boot from CD/install.

Because OEL is freely available and freely redistributable, the JeOS components are as well and as such this allows people to create templates for their own products, whether this is for ISV virtual machines or for internal deployments at customer sites. This is not trial software and it doesn't require a contract.These are standard enterprise distributions, so just like what we do with Oracle product templates, they are production-quality software.

To extend these capabilities we created Oracle VM Template builder. This is a browser based template creation tool. Oracle VM template builder can be installed using a template on Oracle VM itself (a virtual machine that has everything installed for you) or you can get the RPMs off of our yum update server or from the Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN) and install the application on top of a standard OEL installation.

Oracle VM Template Builder is a web application which lets you configure the packages you want installed, what the VM should look like and it then creates a fully configured package that you can download or import directly into Oracle VM. It is not a hosted tool it's something you can run locally on your laptop/desktop/server. You can create users in the builder and store templates and modify templates and keep track of what you have built and create libraries, etc.

Oracle VM Template Builder relies on the JeOS components as described above.

Thirdly, we announced a new Oracle VM template for Oracle Siebel CRM 8.1. It is a completely configured environment that, in a single download and start-up, provides the entire Siebel CRM environment. The application server, application modules, Oracle database back-end and Oracle Enterprise Linux.

This makes it easy for anyone and everyone to start with Oracle Siebel CRM 8.1 in just a few steps. It reduces deployment time to at most a few hours, or less, to install everything from scratch, top to bottom and get going.

Oracle software templates show the strength of our stack, by being able to provide all the components directly and offer application, database, operating system and virtualization layer in one.


This is absolutely great :) Thankyou for making this available.

Posted by Marion Hornsby on December 09, 2009 at 05:21 AM PST #

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