Importing Oracle VM templates through a proxy

I am working on a little tool that makes it easy to import an Oracle VM template in a more automated fashion, using python's built-in SimpleHTTPServer. While working on this, I realized that in many environments the Oracle VM Servers might be in an isolated network so that they don't have direct access to the intranet. We're talking about the management network here. One simple way around this, is to take one server that's on the same network as the Oracle VM Server's...

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new Oracle VDI and Oracle Sun Ray Software releases!

A good Monday morning for Desktop Virtualization at Oracle. We just released a few new products : Oracle VDI 3.5 support for Ubuntu 12 and Windows 8 VMs complete single server installation and the ability to just add nodes to scale includes the latest version of Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.2.10 install on top of Solaris 11 and/or Oracle Linux 6 support added hd 720p video playback on the Sun Ray thin clients with Windows Media Player Oracle Sun Ray Software 5.4 install on top of Solaris...

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oracle vm 3.2.1 released!

Pleased to announce the release of Oracle VM 3.2.1 The press release is here. The documentation library can be found here. The release notes in the documentation show what's new and also a list of bugs fixed. Here's the summary of what's new : The new features and enhancements in Oracle VM Release 3.2.1 include: Performance, Scalability and Security Support for Oracle VM Server for SPARC: Oracle VM Manager can now be used to discover SPARC servers running Oracle VM Server...

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oracle linux playground channel sample

If you have a system with Oracle Linux 6 installed but you are not using public-yum, and you want to play with our mainline kernel builds from the playground channel, then you need to create a simple, small yum repo file and you are all set. Some reasons could be that your system is configured for a local yum repository for updates, or you are registered directly with ULN. Either way, a very simple example file can be found here. Just put the file in /etc/yum.repos.d. # cat...

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Oracle Linux 5.9

Oracle Linux 5.9 was uploaded yesterday to (ULN) and to The _latest channels are current and the 5.9_base channels contain the core. ISO images will be available shortly from If there is an urgent need to get the ISOs through My Oracle Support, simply file a service request. Release notes are here.

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oracle vm template config script example

The programmatic way to extend Oracle VM Template Configure is to build your own module. To write your own module, you have to build an RPM that contains a configure script in a specific format, let's go through the steps to do this. Oracle VM template configure works very similar to the init.d and chkconfig script model. For template config we have the /etc/template.d directory, all the scripts go into /etc/template.d/scripts. Then symlinks are made to other subdirectories...

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