Oracle Linux 6 UEK3 beta

Last week we published UEK3 beta on It is very easy to get started with this and play around with the new features. Just takes a few steps : Install Oracle Linux 6 (preferrably the latest update) on a system or in a VM Add the beta repository file in /etc/yum.repos.d Enable the beta channel Reboot into the new kernel Add updated packages like lxc tools and dtrace Oracle Linux is freely downloadable from Oracle Linux...

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Single Instance/RAC Oracle VM templates update

Superstar Saar just released a new set of Oracle VM templates. We (Oracle) just released 2 patch sets for the Oracle RDBMS - and (x86 and x86_64) Simultaneously, Saar updated his Oracle VM templates to include these latest patchsets as well for both architectures (x86 and x86_64). with OL5 with OL6 with OL5 with OL6 These templates can be deployed on Oracle VM using the DeployCluster tool, all you need to do is...

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A little sample snmp module for Oracle VM Server 3.2

I was looking at snmp for a few days and decided to put together a little snmp module (extension) that would work on Oracle VM Server (3.2 and up). In 3.2 we started to include the net-snmp rpms to allow customers to monitor any given Oracle VM server with standard SNMP tools. Whether that be cacti, snmpwalk, even Oracle Enterprise Manager (snmp fetchlets) or whatever tool. The standard net-snmp installation will expose MIBs and return data pretty much exactly the same as...

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The life of a Linux RPM (package)

Another frequently asked question related to Oracle Linux is how versions of specific packages (RPMs) are picked. A Linux distribution is basically a collection of a ton of open source projects that make up the Operating System environment, with at its core the Linux kernel. Linux as a development project is about the Linux kernel specifically. There are then many (1000's) of random open source projects out there and a Linux distribution basically is an OS made up of, at its...

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Of updates and errata.

A frequently discussed topic inside Oracle and also outside with customers and partners is Oracle Linux versions and how to treat updates and support and certifications and minimum levels. Here's our take on it, from the Oracle Linux side. When talking about Oracle Linux and versions, there really are 3 major components : -1- A major new release, such as Oracle Linux 5, Oracle Linux 6,... A major new release is an update of the entire OS, kernel, userspace, all the 1000's of...

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Oracle VM templates for Database 12c both single instance and rac

Today we made available a few new Oracle VM templates on edelivery. A set of VM templates for database 12c and another set for database 11g You can find more information on the otn pages here. A very important new feature added is the ability to deploy single instance database. In the past the database templates were focused on RAC deployments (Real Application Cluster) but because of popular demand, we also added support for Single Instance. With Single Instance...

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