Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Pre-Install RPM available for Oracle Linux 5 and 6

One of the things we have been focusing on with Oracle Linux for quite some time now, is making it easy to install and deploy Oracle products on top of it without having to worry about which RPMs to install and what the basic OS configuration needs to be. A minimal Oracle Linux install contains a really small set of RPMs but typically not enough for a product to install on and a full/complete install contains way more packages than you need. While a full install is...

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Easy access to Java SE 7 on Oracle Linux

In order to make it very easy to install Java SE 7 on Oracle Linux, we added a Java channel on ULN ( Here is a brief description of how to enable the channel and install Java on your system. Enable the Java SE 7 ULN channel for Oracle Linux 6 - Start with a server or desktop installed with Oracle Linux 6 and registered with ULN ( for updates This is typically using uln_register on your system. - Log into ULN, go to the Systems tab...

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OpenSCAP distributed with Oracle VM Server for x86

Security Compliance : true We recently released Oracle VM Server for x86 3.2.7. For more information you can go here. In addition we also recently released Oracle Linux 6.5. Find the press release here and the link to the release notes here. You will notice that for Oracle Linux we have updated the version of OpenSCAP to use the NIST SCAP 1.2 specification. We have also decided to distribute OpenSCAP with Oracle VM Server for x86 so you will be able to use the same utility...

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Oracle Linux containers continued

More on Linux containers... the use of btrfs in particular and being able to easily create clones/snapshots of container images. To get started : have an Oracle Linux 6.5 installation with UEKr3 and lxc installed and configured. lxc by default uses /container as the directory to store container images and metadata. /container/[containername]/rootfs and /container/[containername]/config. You can specify an alternative pathname using -P. To make it easy I added an extra disk to...

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Oracle Linux containers

So I played a bit with docker yesterday (really cool) and as I mentioned, it uses lxc (linux containers) underneath the covers. To create an image based on OL6, I used febootstrap, which works fine but Dwight Engen pointed out that I should just use lxc-create since it does all the work for you. Dwight's one of the major contributors to lxc. One of the things he did a while back, was adding support in lxc-create to understand how to create Oracle Linux images. All you have to...

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Oracle Linux 6.5 and Docker

I have been following the Docker project with great interest for a little while now but never got to actually try it out at all. I found a little bit of time tonight to at least try hello world. Since docker relies on cgroups and lxc, it should be easy with uek3. We provide official support for lxc, we are in fact a big contributor to the lxc project (shout out to Dwight Engen) and the docker website says that you need to be on 3.8 for it to just work. So, OL6.5 + UEK3 seems...

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