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  • July 19, 2013

clarify oracle linux and oracle clusterware

Someone forwarded a document to me earlier today that had Some Company make a statement that implied that Oracle Clusterware was not free with Oracle Linux. I found it sort of amuzing because I think we've been rather clear on this for quite some time.

So let me spell it out to make sure it's very, very clear.

When a customer purchases Oracle Linux support subscriptions (Basic, Basic Limited, Premier, Premier Limited) or purchases an Oracle x86 server with Support, they have the full right-to-use included for Oracle Clusterware without any additional fees. There is no requirement to have another Oracle product in this cluster. There is no additional fee for a high availability option for Oracle Linux, it's included.

This Clusterware is the software used as part of Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) and is a very solid highly scalable, feature-rich clusterware. You can write your own extentions for your own applications or use some of the existing extentions out there for other apps.

There is no additional fee. In fact you can see this on the clusterware homepage as well.

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  • Bruno Friday, October 3, 2014

    Your policy about clusterware licensing was in the past notably incoherent, so I think you must not protest if another company makes this kind of statements.

    In particular it would be nice if you could explain some points:

    - In the 10gR2 "Licensing Information" manual, Oracle states that clusterware is free to protect any application in a cluster if one of the machines is licensed for Oracle Database (Enterprise or Standard), but this provision dissappears in newer versions of the manual, what is the actual state? could I use the clusterware for protecting an Oracle database if the OS is not in support with Oracle? Where can I get an statement from oracle about this?

    - In the 11gR2 "Licensing Information" (E10594-06) that is distributed with the 11gR2 database software in e-delivery, page 1-8, you can find "The following components of Oracle Grid Infrastructure can be used free of charge and without restrictions..." and cites ASM, ACFS, oracle clusterware for support of ASM/ACFS and Oracle Restart for support of Oracle Databases, and clusterware for protecting other oracle products... But this whole paragraph dissappear in the version of the document that you could download from the Oracle documentation library... So, please, could you point me to a document with the definitive licensing policy about this?


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