Oracle OpenWorld | June 8, 2017

Why This One Change Will Help You Get the Most Out of #OOW17

By: Lauren Mckay | Social Media Manager


Did you know...

  • 50-80% of information is forgotten 48 hours after a lecture;
  • 1/3 of employees feel uninspiring content keeps them from learning;
  • 90% of what we do we'll remember, and only 10% of what we've seen our heard.

The above statistics make it difficult to justify a conference solely based around "stand and deliver" presentations. What's the value in using professional development resources to attend an event that you will forget about in two days?

Our "always on" world makes it difficult to ignore that email ping or social media tag and truly focus on what's in front of you. That's why we are striving to make an Oracle OpenWorld a conference that's more interesting than what's happening on your phone. 

This year we are offering new session formats to help you retain information and get the most out of your 2017 Oracle OpenWorld event experience. 

We will be announcing the new session types very soon. You will be able to add them to your personalized schedules just as you have added standard sessions in the past. 

You may have caught a glimpse of these different formats in our Collective Learning pilot during Oracle OpenWorld 2016. 

This year you can expect much more. You can expect a conference that defies distraction. A conference you'll want to binge watch. A conference that will make you forget about the smartphone in your pocket. 

Sign up and see for yourself.

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