Finance, Oracle OpenWorld | September 27, 2017

Why Should Finance Pros Attend Oracle OpenWorld? Your Future Is Technology

By: Margaret Harrist | Director, Content Strategy and Implementation


The roles of finance and accounting professionals are changing rapidly, and staying on top of new demands and expectations—and the technologies that are speeding these shifts—is critical.

If you’re an executive or someone who’s aspiring to be a finance leader, becoming well-versed in technology is critical. By 2020, 36% of enterprises will use the cloud to support more than half of their transactional systems of record, according to Gartner—and that migration to the cloud is happening faster than expected.

The role of finance professionals has already changed substantially with advances in automation and analytics capabilities, but these developments will pale in comparison to the perfect storm of innovations on the horizon with artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, machine learning, and blockchain.

Keeping up with all of these changes and what they might mean for your organization, its ability to recruit and retain the next generation of finance employees, and your career in finance is daunting. But at this year’s Oracle OpenWorld (October 1 to 5 in San Francisco), attendees can immerse themselves in these emerging technologies via educational sessions, case studies, discussion forums, and networking opportunities.

For views on the big picture and what it means for finance organizations, finance professionals have a wide range of sessions to choose from, including:

  • Business Transformation with a Modern Cloud (GEN7754). With speakers from Caesars Entertainment, Motorola Solutions, Lloyds Banking Group, FedEx, and Oracle, this general session looks at how companies are shaping their digital future by transforming their finance organizations.
  • Agile Finance: The New Operating Model for Modern Finance (GEN6803). To support a digital business, finance needs touchless, end-to-end business processes, predictive powers based in machine learning and data science, and a laser focus on automation, data accessibility, design thinking, and continuous learning. This session features Oracle Group Vice President Steve Cox and a range of use cases and implementation best practices from Deloitte.
  • Finance Best Practices for Hypergrowth Companies (CON6804). Growing companies need speed, scale, and agility to adapt to changing market opportunities. This panel discussion features leaders from Alex Lee, a family-owned and operated company with some 10,000 employees; the CFO Alliance; and Oracle.

One of the most compelling reasons for finance professionals to attend Oracle OpenWorld is to become more familiar with the technologies that are changing the face of finance—and that can alter the trajectory of their careers. Among the many sessions that take a look at how emerging technologies will change the face of finance:

  • Oracle Blockchain Cloud Services in the Financial Services Industry (CON7242). Accelerating time to value has never been more important, and this session takes a deep dive into how Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service provides financial institutions with a platform for innovation and an opportunity to dramatically reduce complexity and cost.
  • The Journey to the Next Financial Services Platform (CON7069). Business and technology are changing rapidly, regulations are proliferating, and customer expectations are ever increasing. To meet these demands, organizations need to transform; finance will be central to that strategy. This session looks at how a modern, cloud-based platform can reduce costs, leverage new digital channels, open up new revenue models, and mitigate risk.
  • Open Bank APIs: The New Operating System of the Financial Services Digital Economy (CON7074). Banks face new pressures on many fronts: regulatory requirements, the rise of financial technology (fintech), and digital-native customers with very demanding expectations. This session explores how banks can comply with API-related regulation, monetize APIs for added value, and transform their business model through collaboration with fintech companies.

For in-depth looks at how finance operations are changing—and how they will morph at an ever-accelerating pace, the following sessions offer a glimpse into the future:

  • Pursuing Agile Finance in Financial Services (CON7241). CFOs are facing unprecedented regulatory and cost pressures as well as big expectations to find new revenue sources in the increasingly digital business environment. With a panel of speakers from Lloyds Banking Group, CGMA, KPMG, and Oracle, this session looks at how the CFO must become a key partner to lines of business by embedding financial and predictive analytics throughout the enterprise and providing management with the insights and support they need to achieve their digital strategies.
  • Connected Intelligence for Finance Leaders (CON6807). AI can reimagine the relationship between organizations and their suppliers—and shift financial outcomes. This session looks at how Oracle’s adaptive intelligence applications can help companies transform accounts payable and procurement by automating repetitive processes, optimize the return on available cash through responsive dynamic discounts, and tie compliance more closely to business processes.
  • Achieve Better, Faster, and Smarter Business Outcomes with Finance & HR Together (CON6805). Because finance and human resources are the operational foundation of any business, a company that wants to become more agile needs to align these two critical areas. Speakers from KPMG and Oracle look at how a better alignment of these two departments’ technology platforms can drive better business outcomes faster.
  • Driving a New Age of Digital Innovation with Fintech (CON7077). How will the growth in fintech startups affect your organization? The global fintech investment market continues to grow—and in this session, fintech leaders offer their insights into how the financial services industry can benefit from the success of new fintech startups.

For a look at the full agenda for Oracle OpenWorld 2017, check out the session catalog.

Director, Content Strategy and Implementation

Margaret Harrist is a senior content strategist for Oracle.

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