Oracle News | September 12, 2016

Why Every Treasure Hunter Needs to Attend Big Data Sessions at Oracle OpenWorld

By: Leslie Steere | Editor at Large


The big data rush is on. And unlike other resource grabs—land, oil, and gold come to mind—this one promises an endless, ever-growing supply.

In fact for most organizations, the challenges rather than finding valuable data are how to manage it, keep it secure, and get the insight from it they need to be competitive—or to leave their competition in the dust.

No matter how far along your company is in putting its data to good use, Oracle OpenWorld 2016 (September 18 to 22 in San Francisco) offers real-world big data examples and business strategies, as well as a wealth of information on the technology that makes it all possible.

Hardly a surprise that the world’s largest database company would have a mother lode of more than 700 sessions dedicated to big data fundamentals—from aggregation to management to experimentation to action.

Aggregate Your Data

Can you tie the customer sentiment data collected from social media back to identities in your customer base so you can assess its value relative to your business? If one of those sensors you’re monitoring shows a customer standing outside your store, can you spot that proximity in time to take action?

Big data is everywhere: social media, equipment sensors, third-party data providers, and your existing enterprise applications, to name a few places. But to make it useful, companies need to be able to handle that data seamlessly across the various combinations of on-premises, cloud, and other data platforms and business models. And you need real-time analytics on that data stream while it’s still moving at speed.

Learn more at the “Oracle Big Data Integration in the Cloud” session, where Oracle Vice President of product management Jeff Pollock presents an an overview of Oracle Data Integration cloud services that help customers manage data movement and data integration across the enterprise. He’ll also showcase the latest in self-service tools that focus on easy and reliable data preparation for nontechnical users.

Manage Your Data

Your data must work with your existing applications and should conform with your existing security policies. And finally, it needs to be fast and reliable, regardless what technologies you are using for managing it.

Take a look at the future of data management with Neil Mendelson at his “Oracle Big Data Management in the Cloud” session, where you’ll hear how data virtualization can eliminate silos of data and technology to make this wealth of new information available to your entire business.

Experiment with Your Data

When you first look at your impressive stream of big data, it’s rarely ready for analysis. You need tools to help you change it, take out the parts that don’t matter, and combine it in novel ways. You need to experiment—iteratively—as data and business events evolve. You need a data lab.

Attend Oracle Vice President Chris Lynskey’s “Oracle Big Data Lab in the Cloud” session to see how business analysts and data scientists can work together in a lab environment to explore diverse data sets and uncover what new questions can be answered, unlocking the value of your big data.

Analyze and Act On Your Data

The real payoff comes when you put the data to work. The output should be consumable by predictive analytics models in production, applications that you have bought or built yourself, data services that can be delivered and consumed by other parts of the company or sold externally, and visual analytics that are used by business leaders.

Two sessions that can help you get to that payoff are “Driving Value with Big Data,” a panel discussion with Oracle experts and customers that looks at how to maximize the value of big data; and “Oracle Streaming and Big Data,” where you’ll learn about the convergence of the Internet of Things and big data and how to apply them both in your business to reduce costs, generate competitive advantage, and open up new business opportunities.

Need more choices? Explore the full list of big data sessions.


Editor at Large

Leslie Steere is editor at large for Oracle Content Central. She has more than 30 years of journalism and marketing content experience.

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