OracleNext Podcast | October 19, 2018

Why 5G Matters - and It's Not Just Faster Video Downloads

By: Roland Smart


For years, we've heard about 5G, the next generation of wireless technology that promises to solve our patchy bandwidth and slow data download problems.

There's been so much hype, in fact, that many think 5G is already here. That is not the case, but carriers and device makers are now rolling out technology that will make 5G—and its promised super-fast, reliable, high-bandwidth connections—real in the foreseeable future.

On this week's OracleNext Iconoclasts, Bob Weiler, executive vice president of Oracle Global Business Units, talks about the huge potential upside, as well as the challenges to widespread 5G adoption.

Tune in to hear about:

  • The significant investment needed by carriers to realize the promise of 5G, including placement of hundreds of thousands of small antennas to ensure delivery of short-wave radio communications around physical hurdles.
  • The huge potential payoff, as 5G enables serious applications like autonomous cars, drone delivery, and robotic surgery. In any of those scenarios a dropped connection could be a real matter of life and death.
  • How adoption of 5G, along with cloud computing, is a prerequisite to successful use of AI, augmented or virtual reality, and other emerging technologies.

It's a fun discussion so tune in as Weiler chats with Oracle Iconoclast hosts Michael Hickins and Barb Darrow.

And for more on Weiler, check out his takes here and here on the automation revolution.

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