Sunday Nov 29, 2009

Understanding people from South Sweden ...

Sorry, just German, but only a few words ...


and ...


and finally ...



Wednesday Jun 17, 2009

How about playing football with SunRays?


Yesterday evening I came back from a crazy 48 hours trip Hamburg-San Francisco-Hamburg. I had to cover a left over from my last trip. Anyway, arriving at home I've looked at something yellow, a ball, I guess, but too tired to pay more attention:


But something stuck in my head. So in the morning I've had a closer look:


So I thought this is a prototype of a new Sun Ray device? Well, I've tried to find a smart card slot to get my desktop session and to see what will will happen. But there is no slot as such ;-)

It is more a Sun Ray for kids, as my son explained later to me when we played a bit football.


PS. And of course the name is 'Sun Ray' and not 'SUNRAY'

Thursday Jun 11, 2009

Jumping VDI

I've decided to change the title of this blog, because it seems obvious that some people find it offensive. For those who don't know, I have a strong affinity to basketball. Played it for a long time.

And there was this movie, "White men can't jump" , which I've seen and relates quite good to my affinity. So still liking basketball, but can not jump that high any more. People who know me, know about my knee stories ...

However VDI will jump, for sure ...

Stay tuned,


Monday Apr 28, 2008

Excitement has been decreased drastically

With this performance there is no way that Dallas will stay in the playoffs. Hmm...


Thursday Apr 17, 2008

Exciting times ahead - the playoffs

Dallas Mavericks and Nowitzki came in 7th in the Western conference and play the Hornets. Dallas just won yesterdays game against them. A proof that they can handle them quite well. So I bet it will be a simple sweep for Dallas in the first round. As said exciting times ahead and a lot of late night TV from Europe :-( - Dirk

Wednesday Dec 19, 2007

Christmas lunch

It's time for Christmas lunch again. This is in the meantime a famous event, getting the Sun Desktop teams in Dublin together shortly before Christmas. I like this particular event as it starts early, well it's implied by the name. And it ends late, that is not implied by the name. There must be other reasons, why it is usually taking that long. Besides the Christmas lunch we have still a lot on our plates that need to be completed.

Number 1 is the Beta of the Sun Virtual Desktop Connector (SVDC). This beta is still running. Many people are very busy these days in closing the year, but some are not. So, if you have the time, give it a try. It is really an improvement compared to the previous version, the VDAK. Install and configuration is much simpler.

And besides the beta, we are fully focused on delivering the final version, getting it into a proper shape. See you in the next year, earliest opportunity is the event in Grenoble, that ThinGuy already mentioned in his blog entry. I will dive into the details of the SVDC. How it installs, how it can be configured and more details on how it works.

 Froehliche Weihnachten


Monday Dec 10, 2007

Hi there

What has this blog to do with Sun? Well, I work for Sun. That's already a good start. And then I like stereotypes. 'White men can't jump' is a good one. So I like basketball, a lot, I also like sports in general. Both are indeed a big problem when you work in engineering like I do.

Hardly anybody cares about sports. Just an example: Last year we had the soccer (football) ((fussball)) world championships in Germany. Part of the Sun Ray engineering (my group) is located in Hamburg, so am I. Guess what, people in my team didn't know when the German team had been playing, haven't been interested in watching a single match and just loved to stay in front of their Sun Ray and continue coding or do any other useful stuff that is not sport.

If you like sports, you might understand how difficult it is coming into the office after watching a great match the previous night, and you want to share your opinion with your colleagues and ... nothing.

Only comments like, "Oh I missed this one" or "Really, no I had to fix this interesting bug" or just nothing, not even feeling sorry for you.

So maybe this blog could also be titled as "Engineers Hate Sports". As said, I like stereotypes. Bringing this a bit closer to my work, another stereotype is "Sun can't do software". I like this one, because I'm in software and it keeps me motivated each and everyday, to prove it wrong.

What you can expect from me, a bit on my work around Desktop Virtualization, around Sun Ray, Secure Global Desktop, a bit on sports, and stereotypes. And just on a side note, the last 2 MVPs in the NBA are white men. So there is hope even if you can not jump.


This one is about VDI, Sun Ray, SGD and sports, in particular basketball, and any combination of it. And of course other interesting stuff.


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