Marketing | November 8, 2018

Where Is Your Finish Line?

By: Guest Author


By Jeff Griebeler and John Quaglietta

We just crossed the Oracle OpenWorld 2018 finish line, having spent three full days with more than 40 customers from around the globe, representing different industries, and at various stages of maturity in their cloud transformation journeys. While each was an Oracle customer, they also had one other thing in common: All of them were interested in talking about value.

New to Oracle OpenWorld this year was the Oracle Value Realization Lounge on the third floor of Moscone West. We set up the lounge to have one-on-one value conversations with customers. We were particularly interested in understanding if Oracle customers had a systematic way of measuring value and if they could quantify the value they had received from their investments in Oracle Cloud solutions. 

We initiated the Value Realization program about a year ago. It is a collective effort between our Global Customer Programs team, Oracle Insight and Value Strategy Group, and Customer Success organizations. We each have different focus areas when working with customers, but on the topic of value, we are united. Our goals are simple: We strive to help customers realize the full potential of their investment in Oracle Cloud solutions. We do so by helping provide customers with a systematic way to target, track, manage, fulfill, and promote value. 

Our goal at Oracle OpenWorld was to officially “launch” the program. The customer response to our program launch was overwhelmingly positive. We advised more than 40 customers about how to measure value: KPIs to use, benchmarks, best practices for increasing adoption, and solutions that contribute to maximizing value. Customer comments ranged from, “Wow, this is great. We will finally be able to close the loop on our original business case,” to “It’s great to know Oracle has a service that can advise us on KPIs and provide quarterly benchmarks for us.”

The time spent talking with customers about value provided insight into what is on our customers' minds. We found that most are either getting ready to embark on their cloud journey or they are well underway, but all needed to understand the value of their Oracle investment. Here are some observations from our discussions:

  • Approximately one-fourth of the customers that visited us were currently Oracle on-premises customers who were getting ready to move to the cloud. Value for them included understanding the derived value from their on-premises solution, and needing assistance to take that derived value and build a compelling business case that centered around innovation to start their cloud journey.
  • The remaining three-fourths of the customers that visited us were equally split between ERP, HCM, and CX, with a majority of those customers owning two or more cloud solutions. These customers were highly interested in the value being delivered by the full platform.
  • A handful of customers were in the process of implementing their cloud solution. For them, their need centered around help with which KPIs to use, establishing pre-go-live baselines, and devising value dashboards to measure value going forward.
  • For customers that were implemented for 2-plus years, the focus was on value optimization. Most felt they had seen value from their investment, but needed advice on was how to quantify it, and recommendations on how to maximize the value received from their current investment.

Oracle OpenWorld was just the beginning. We have scheduled follow-up activities with many of the attendees, and we have a long list of other customers that we are working with in our Value Realization program. We provide this service to our customers at no charge.  If you are interested in learning more about our Value Realization program or receiving a copy of our quarterly benchmark report, please contact us: jeff.griebeler@oracle.com and john.quaglietta@oracle.com

Jeff Griebeler is a sales consultant and John Quaglietta is a value consulting director for Oracle's Enterprise Value Services team.