Oracle OpenWorld | October 1, 2014

Where Do You Go for a Support Answer?

By: Oracle Staff


To the Bar—the Stars Bar in Moscone West Exhibition Hall

You have questions such as “We’re running on this patch. When should we do the next revision?” Or “What is the direction for this product? Will we still be supportable in two years?” Where do you go for answers?

Walk to the back of Moscone West Exhibition Hall, to the sign with the words, “Stars Bar. Ask the Experts.” “If you need support, this is the place,” says Holly Marry, Oracle lead services planner. “We have the product support specialists whom you would get if you opened an SR or called Oracle for support.”

Covering the back wall of the Exhibition Hall, the Stars Bar has focus areas for products across the Oracle stack. Last year, the bar was upstairs in Moscone West. “We have a larger space now, downstairs—with more tables in the product areas,” says Marry. In addition, the bar offers more minibriefing sessions.

“Customers told us that they wanted more,” says Puventhrie Naidoo, a senior manager with Oracle Advanced Customer Support. “We’re now offering sessions every 30 minutes, the top and bottom of the hour, starting at 10 a.m.” These 10-minute sessions with five minutes of Q&A provide tips on a variety of subjects to help customers make the most of their Oracle investment. The minibriefings are held in a space near the front of the Exhibition Hall.

And, as with last year, the experts are fielding the occasional question that has nothing to do with Oracle Support or the Stars Bar. In their new location, the experts have been spared “Where’s the water station?” And “How do I get to my hotel?” Now, they get questions such as “Where’s this demo booth?” And as before, they do their best to give an answer.