Oracle News | March 3, 2016

When Change Hits, Cloud Lets IT Say 'Yes'

By: Chris Murphy | Director of Cloud Content


Many sparks can ignite a company’s interest in cloud technologies, but none more powerful than when a company is hit by a major change in its business environment.

Here are three examples of Oracle customers who used the cloud to embrace very different opportunities.

D+M Group has leapt into the fast-growing market for music speakers that can stream from internet-connected devices such as smartphones or tablets and be controlled via mobile or desktop apps. Building on its decades-long reputation for quality with its Denon and Marantz brands, D+M created the HEOS brand wireless speakers.

But D+M realized it needed a new customer service approach in this Internet of Things world. When it discovered a potential problem that could arise with some of its speakers, it wrote diagnostic code to identify the at-risk speakers, and, using Oracle Service Cloud as its customer hub, proactively reached out to customers before they experienced any problem.

The spark for The Co-operative Group in the U.K. came from a strategic shift—from broad expansion a decade ago to a more focused growth strategy today. Heading into 2014, the retailer found itself with an array of costly, sometimes redundant, sometimes inconsistent HR systems and processes accumulated during the expansion years.This was much more than a technology change; The Co-operative Group drove a new and consistent approach to recruiting, managing, and retaining its people, called OneHR Program. OneHR created a holistic HR strategy and set of practices for the entire company. A major part of the HR overhaul included moving to a single human capital management platform, Oracle HCM Cloud.

Sometimes, a company chooses its own jolts of business change. That’s the case with Lumentum, which was created late last year as one spin-off from optical communications technology company JDSU. Adding to the usual complexity of a spin-off, Lumentum’s product exports are highly regulated because of their potential military uses. Lumentum picked Oracle Global Trade Management Cloud Service to manage exports because it meant no big up-front investment and rapid deployment, and because it gave the company a chance to take a fresh look at its processes.The cloud let the company get the system running before the spin-off, ensuring no lost export revenue.

For IT leaders, it doesn’t matter whether a business shock comes from entering a new market or reinventing its internal organization. IT needs to be ready to say “yes.” Cloud-based platforms, software, and infrastructure from Oracle are helping companies seize these new opportunities. 

Director of Cloud Content
<p>Chris Murphy is editorial director at Oracle. He was previously editor of InformationWeek. You can follow him on Twitter @murph_cj.</p>
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