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Oracle Cloud single sign-on support for Wercker/Oracle Container Pipelines

Chris Kasso
Software Development Manager

Support for single sign-on (using OAuth) has been added to Wercker/Oracle Container Pipelines.    This is useful if you are an existing Oracle Cloud user.   You will now be able to use your Oracle Cloud credentials to log into Wercker.   If you are already logged into your Oracle Cloud account you will only need to provide Wercker your cloud account name to access Wercker.

When you click the Wercker "Log in" button you will now see three options for logging in:

Log in - username and password

To log in click the "LOG IN WITH ORACLE CLOUD" button.   You will then be prompted to enter your Oracle Cloud account name.   This is the name you or your Oracle Cloud account administrator chose when they created the Oracle Cloud account.   It may also be known as your tenancy name.    After entering your cloud account name you will be prompted by Oracle Identity Cloud Service to enter your user name and password.   This is the same user name and password you use to log into your Oracle Cloud account.

If this is the first time logging into Wercker with your Oracle Cloud credentials you will be prompted to consent for Oracle Identity Cloud Service to give Wercker access to your email address.    You will also be given the option to link to an existing Wercker account or create a new Wercker account.    If you wish to link to your existing account you will need to authenticate using the credentials for the Wercker account you wish to link to (either Wercker username/password, GitHub or another Oracle Cloud acct).  

Contineu signup - Would you like to link your Oracle Cloud account to an existing Wercker user?

That is it.   You are now logged into Wercker.    In the future if you go to app.wercker.com and click the "LOG IN WITH ORACLE CLOUD" button and provide your tenancy name you will automatically be logged in to Wercker if you already have a valid Oracle Cloud session.

Please note: In order to use the single sign-on feature with your Oracle Cloud account your Oracle Cloud account administrator must perform a one time procedure to enable Oracle Identity Cloud integration with Wercker.   They perform this procedure by logging into the Oracle Cloud and in My Services navigating to the "Open Service Console" button for Oracle Container Pipelines service (a.k.a. Wercker).   They then follow the instructions to initialize integration.   If your Oracle Cloud account administrator has not performed this step then you will see an error message indicating it has not been completed.   The error message would read:

Cloud account <tenancy name> has not been setup to use Oracle Cloud identity service with Wercker.  Please contact your Cloud account administrator

Once the above integration step has been completed logging in to Wercker with your Oracle Cloud credential is possible.    



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