IT Innovation | May 6, 2014

Welcome to the Customers in the Know blog!

By: Stephanie Spada


My name is Jeb Dasteel, I'm Oracle's Chief Customer Officer.  My team and I work with customers on a daily basis to help them get the most out of their Oracle investment.  We are able to accomplish this by:

  • Listening and responding to customer feedback
  • Promoting and facilitating collaboration between
    Oracle and its customers
  • Celebrating business success through references
    and other forums for sharing best practices

It’s critical to Oracle’s success to ensure we have an open
dialogue with our customers. I look forward to engaging with you on this blog
periodically to share with you the key areas of interest to me, provide you
first hand experiences from customers we are working with, and also what we’ve
been doing here at Oracle.

We’ve titled this
blog, ‘Customers In the Know,” because we think that you, our customers, not
only want information on how to get the most out of your Oracle investments and
find easier ways to work with us, but that you, OUR CUSTOMERS are “in the know”
about your own experiences, as a customer of Oracle’s and as technology
consumers and users and decision makers. We need to hear from you.

Our job is really
all about you, our customer, and how we can better meet your needs. I hope you find that we have something
valuable to share and take the time to engage us in conversation around the
web. Please be sure to check back here
frequently and make comments on my blog entries, we want to hear your thoughts
and get your feedback, to make Oracle better for you.

Catch you next time,

Jeb Dasteel

Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer