Monday Mar 09, 2009

InstallFest for Colleges - Beiyou (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications) Station

Last Sunday (Mar. 8) afternoon, Techgirls Group from BLUG and BOSS (Beiyou University OSS society) in Beiyou University (BUPT) co-organizing a Girls Installfest. But this time is NOT girl only activity. ;). I received invistation to be a speaker and help to the participator to install OpenSolaris. It's good opportunity to promote OpenSolaris the community.

Almost all the participants had no any experience of using Solaris. Even it is the first for a lot of them to hear of Solaris. At the beginning,I did a twenty-minutes presentation to introduce the OpenSolaris. Then, Forrest Wu, who have been work on ZFS project as a DP for more than three years, also give a very short presentation to introduce ZFS. I believe the presentations are very helpful to attract the participated students to install OpenSolaris. Especially for ZFS. :)  This afternoon, Forrest and I helped more than ten students installed OpenSolaris (dual boot or in virtualbox) successfully.

This is a successful activity. I summarized some concern of students and issue we encountered. I think these issues/concern deserve our attention and improvement in order to attract more users.

1. Parted disk - Most of student have a WindowsXP/Vista OS, so the first thing to install dual root system is disk partition. It's seems only mast partition could be recognized by installer.

2. How much size ZFS snapshot need? very small, even you can ignore it.

3. Where I can download and upgrade software? Besides default IPS server, IPS server mirror available for China : Futher more:
blastwave (preferred)     

4. Instance message client application: Can I use qq and fetion? Yes, pidgin support qq and fetion protocol modules. But currently, you need compile them by yourself.   I have to say that these two instance message tools are very very popular in China. The office number by Tencent, there are 4 hundred million registered users for qq. And fetion is the fastest-growing instant messaging tools in China currently which delivered by China Mobile. So if these two modules could be integrated by default for China user, it will make OpenSolaris more closed with China user.

5. Driver, as you know this is old problem, we are resolving them step by step. The good thing is that we can see most major device drive we supported. And good news is more and more device drivers will be supported in the future.

Here some pictures I'd like share with you.

Sunday Feb 22, 2009

Beijing Openparty - Firefox l10n

Yesterday, I participated the Beijing Open party. I heard Beijing Open party several months ago, but until yesterday, I haven't have chance to see how was it. So, that was my first time to go there, and frankly, it's a really exited experience. Normally there are many optional topics, which brought by attendees. After attendees submit the topic, who prepare topic to do presentation, give a simple introduce, everyone need to vote which topics could be given presentation today. But this time, there are several special topic about Firefox: The over all goals of Mozilla’s Localization Program over 2009. A new software library that has been developed for l10n tools to be created . Firefox l10n introduction The speaker of the first topic, Seth Bindernagel is from Mozila US MountView office. He is the Director of Mozila l10n team. He give a very wonderful speech, and cool slide show.:) The other speaker are contributors of Mozila China l10n community. They have already translated lots of Mozila document to Chinese. It's cool and worth to be respected! Some Picture share with you:

Saturday Nov 22, 2008

Picture of Sun University Day in Beijing Tsinghua

Yesterday I attended Sun University Day. I did virtualbox demo. We communicated with student by Q&A. Here are some pictures of Sun University Day in Beijing Tsinghua, and Techday. You can see my colleague Harry Fu'blog, to know what student asked.

Wednesday Nov 19, 2008

Sun University Day in Beijing - Tsinghua University (清华大学 Sun 大学日)

Sun University Day in Beijing - Tsinghua University will be hold on this Friday, 2008/11/21. My colleagues and I have a session to show some OpenSolaris Demos (Desktop and Entertainment, Package management and ZFS, Developer Tools, VirtualBox) . And also have free QA time for audience. I will demo and introduce VirtualBox.
If you are interested, you can register from
Sun University Day in Beijing (清华大学 Sun 大学日) 
Date: 2008/11/21
Location: 清华大学主楼后厅1层报告厅

For agenda details please see:

Sun Techday in Beijing also will be hold on 2008/11/21~2008/11/22 at 北京国际会议中心
See details :
I will be there 2008/11/22.
Hope see you then. :)

Saturday Oct 11, 2008

My recent awaited update

Every time a bloger is interrupted for a long time to write blog, said back to weeding. Ha ha. weeding back,for nearly three months came back today. No matter how busy, I'm willing to updating for my friends and reader who concerned me.

For three months, a lot of big and small things happen. To us the largest one is successful Beijing Olympic Games were held, waiting for for so many years has finally realized that the Olympic Games has left me a lot of touching moments. Opening and closing ceremonies were both spectacular. During Olympic Games, I even had chance to go to Beijinggongti to see Most of the lightweight boxing preliminaries.

For Work,added to the three Southeast Asian locale support (ms, vi, id), one week ago it has finally been integrated into the in Nevada build99. Including the implement encoding conversion of Vietnamese to the iconv module. I believe in Opensolaris 11.2008 release user will be able to use all three of the locale. Of course, add more locales depends on locale people, the community has boundless power! Now, the highest priority to have friends in Singapore or who interest in add Singapore locales, increased Singapore's locale (High:zh_SG, en_SG, low:ms_SG, ta_SG ) , if interested please contact me, very grateful!

There is the matter had to say that cooperation more than a year of PM to leave the sector to the another team. Some reluctance, because of the cooperation is very happy, she taught me a lot of things and we also have some understanding of each other. It's pity than she leave us. She is a very good, work hard, thoughtful, and always consider for someone else, for me, the best thing is she able to speak Chinese, so we can communicate in Chinese. it maybe a reason that make we know each other better. ;). The new PM is coming, I have to say better English. I also tell myself keep on working harder! We also hope
that the good co-operation. Anyway, the best wishes for Wenling in the new position to the work be happy and successful! Come on! !

I happen to have an opportunity to be a Guest Lecturer/Professor in a University. When I was child, be teacher is one my dream. It comes true. Ha ha:) Standing on the rostrum, looked at the lovely young students, then think of my student-age. Hope that from the course, they can get something and like me. Students are always with the words young, hope, dreams, future, so full of shining, vigor and vitality of human language vocabulary together, there is no doubt that the teachers with them always be touched by, and I'm looking forward to and enjoy what they have brought to my experience!

Monday Nov 05, 2007

How to Embed picasa picture as slideshow flash into your blog

Recently, I post many pictures which stored in google picasa. And I enbed them as slideshow in my blog page. Many of my friends ask me how to do that. So, I summary the two ways which I know so far. If you have any other good idea please leave comment.

There tow ways to Embed picasa picture as slide flash into your blog.

The First is very simple, login you google picasa page, enter the album which you would show. Then click the left menu list item : “Embed Slideshow “, you will see the code of add slide show into blog page. What you need to do is just copy the code and paste in your edit page.

(Note, It's available only in English version currently, It's seems not have the “Embed Slideshow “ menu in Simple Chinese, Japanese version. I only check these tow versions, maybe other languages cannot use this function too.)

The second way is very simple and common not which langage page you set.

Insert this codes into you blog edit page:


<iframe width="507" scrolling="no" height="385" frameborder="0" src=""></iframe>


frameborder="0" → Frame width is 0
that means no frame edge. You can set "1""2"...
height="385" → Picture height pixel is 385.
src="web address" → You slideshow's web address.
scrolling="no" → Do not need scrolling
width="507" → Picture width pixel is 507.

You can change these parameters as you prefer to. At least you shoul replace src wich you own slideshow page address.

See Chinese version of this paper. 

Saturday Nov 03, 2007

100th Charles Eames Photo exhibition

100th Charles Eames Photo exhibition.

Friday Nov 02, 2007

Pictures of Sun Techdays in Beijing 2

Today, I upload other pictures in Beijing Sun Techdays. There are many booths. and other pictures. 

Thursday Nov 01, 2007

Pictures of Sun Techdays in Beijing 1

Today is the first day of Sun Techdays in Beijing. Here is some picture.

Click picture to see more.

Thursday Oct 25, 2007

TOI about how to contribute to BigAdmin

Because I've submit a article to BigAdmin successfully,So my college ask me to share my experience, I am very glade to share with them.Today I'd give a presentation about how to contribute to BigAdmin in our mini talk show. And I'd like to share my experience with my blog readers who are interested in contribute to BigAdmin. Here is slide link address. I hope more and more people can submit you contents.

How to contribute to BigAdmin




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