Tuesday Apr 08, 2008

Chugging along '08 on the Web Server trail.

Nope, we are not talking about Web Server 8.0! Just a few updates into 2008!

Since its release earlier in 01/07, Sun Web Server 7.0 has been deployed widely into production uses at Sun
and by well respected sites. Update releases are continuing to help
improve quality incorporating features and performance innovations -
e.g. upgrade to Java container, PHP Add On, administration support for
FastCGI, etc. To top it all, WS7.0u2 released in 12/07 set the world record SPECweb benchmark with staggering performance on the coolest server platform on the planet (Niagara 2 based T5220), thanks to its MT-hot design ideal for multi-core CMT systems, a new innovative asynchronous accelerator cache design and a host top to bottom system level innovations such as 10Gbit Ethernet networking etc.

MySQLWith MySQL now integral part of Sun's Software portfolio,
there is no question that '08 is a significant milestone for Sun
Software and Web Server. After all, our blogs.sun.com infrastructure is
powered by Web Server + MySQL running on a couple of Niagara T2000
servers. Indeed, this combination is very potent in that it can handily
outperform the competition (Microsoft IIS and SQL Server) both in raw
performance, throughput and power consumption, as demonstrated by this OLTP/Web worlkload benchmark.

By the way, here a couple of more articles/blogs that caught our attention:

Another cool article titled - "Using Subversion, NetBeans IDE, and Sun Java System Web Server With Java ME" by Richard Marejka. Demonstrates using Web Server's WebDAV capability (Admin GUI lets you create DAV Collections and all that) to configure Subversion which can be used from NetBeans for your development activities. Richard's article is showcased on the web tier developer hub.

John Pelonquin's blog on Moodle on Solaris/Sun Web Server: Moodle—a PHP-driven, open source course management system for online learning—on one of our enterprise class servers running Sun Solaris 10 and Sun Java System Web Server 7.0.  For details visit John's blog post.

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Friday Dec 21, 2007

Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 2 released

Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 2 has been released.

This release contains the performance improvements that allowed the T5220 launch to set a new world record SPECweb2005 benchmark:


Web Server 7.0 Update 2 features a substantial performance update to the server core for all platforms, and introduces a PKCS#11 bypass feature to achieve better SSL performance out-of-the-box. This release also includes more administration options, Solaris Monitoring Framework (SMF) integration, certification on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and the introduction of 64-bit binary support for Linux, NetBeans 6 support, bug and stability fixes, an integrated news feed to keep users up-to-date, and much more!

All users of Web Server 7.0 or Web Server 7.0 Update 1 are encouraged to upgrade.


Tuesday Oct 09, 2007

PHP in Java with Java System Web Server 7.0

Sriram Natarajan, a developer with the Sun Java System Web Server team, has published an article about using the Quercus PHP Java implementation with Sun Java System Web Server 7.0.

T5220, the most scalable & eco-friendly web server on the planet.

Sun announces the most scalable and eco-friendly web server on the planet, powered by Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 2, Java SE and Solaris 10 08/07! For benchmark details see the full announcement and bmseer's blog.

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Monday Sep 10, 2007

Handling Chunked requests in an NSAPI

Janice Hunt has published an excellent article on handling Chunked data with NSAPI plugins.

Friday Aug 31, 2007

Wikification at Sun.

Wikification of Sun highlights the new generation of publishing at Sun including blogs.sun.com and now wikis.sun.com.

As we noted earlier, like blogs.sun.com, wikis.sun.com is served by Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 running on the award winning first generation Niagara based T2000 servers.

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Thursday Jul 19, 2007

Sun Java System Web Server 6.1sp8 released

Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP7 (English) has been released and is available for download:

Release Notes

This is a bug-fix and compatibility release. All users of Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 are encouraged to update.

Users should note these important changes in this release:

  • JDK is no longer bundled on AIX and HP-UX platforms. The installer will enforce the requirement that the JDK be previously installed on these platforms.
  • SSL libraries updated to latest version.

Tuesday Jun 19, 2007

Web Server 7.0 serving some real cool .sun.com web sites.

Call them web 2.0 style deployments or simply cool applications but here are some real cool new web sites powered by Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 : These new sites are designed to serve thousands of Sun employees world wide.
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Thursday Apr 05, 2007

Running PHP applications on a Java based PHP runtime with Sun Web Server 7.0

Thanks to Caucho's all Quercus technologies packaged as a WAR file, it's easy to run it on Sun Java System Web Server 7.0, which includes GlassFish based Java EE servlet container.

Check Sriram's blog.

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Sunday Jan 28, 2007

Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Released - It's FREE!!

Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 is now released and is FREE for development and production deployments alike.[Read More]

Sunday Jan 14, 2007

Sun Web Server on Sun Fire T2000 continues to set world record SPECweb!

"The Sun Fire T2000 obtained a world record single-socket 16,407 SPECweb2005 with one UltraSPARC T1 and 64 GB memory running Solaris 10 11/06 with Sun Java[TM] System Web Server 6.1 SP5 64-bit web server."

Please read more details here in BM Seer's blog.

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Sunday Nov 26, 2006

Sun Web Server 7.0 - a Web 2.0 Swiss Army knife.

Sun Web Server 7.0 is a very flexible infrastructure with the ability to deploy both Java and native technologies with ease. We have shown in a previous blog entry , how you can deploy a variety of Web 2.0 technologies, including Wikis, such as JSPWiki.

Some people like PHP based MediaWiki better - due to richness of its features. If you are one of those, no worries, you can deploy MediaWiki based sites with equal ease as described in a technical article by Sriram Natarajan and Marina Sum just published on Sun Developer Network (SDN). For more details, please read this article.

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