Sunday Jun 06, 2010

Web Tier software - now on Oracle online store.

Oracle Web <br/>
TierThe Oracle Web Tier software is now available on Oracle online store.

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Thursday Jan 28, 2010

Sun brand lives on, Web Server to constitute a new Oracle Web Tier offering.

Oracle logo

to new world of Oracle! It is great to hear that in a series of
strategy presentations, Oracle is making sure that brand Sun, known for
its reliability, security massive scalability and all that, will live
on, at least most visibly in the systems arena.

Sun Java
System Web Server (just Web Server) will constitute a new Web Tier offering that is
integral part of the Oracle Grid. Available as part of all of the
WebLogic offerings. Like HotSpot Java VM, Sun Web Server will augment Oracle's
Grid portfolio providing the most comprehensive, integrated open
middleware infrastructure.

For more details, please refer to Sun Oracle Application Server strategy.

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Friday Jan 22, 2010

Security vulnerabilities addressed in the latest Web Server update releases

Sun Web ServerJust
released Sun Java System Web Server 7.0u8 and 6.1 SP12 updates provide
the relief to the security vulnerabilities reported in the Sun Alert. Customers are encouraged to review the Sun Alert and take appropriate action immediately.

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Thursday Jan 21, 2010

Multiple security vulnerabilities in the HTTP TRACE, WebDAV and Digest Authentication Methods in the Sun Java System Web Server and Sun Java System Web Proxy Server

Sun Alert

New Sun Alert was just released addressing the security vulnerabilities
reported on Sun Web Server. We'll have more updates (including the
information on availability of fixes) in this and or other blogs as
well as product forums later but for the time being we refer you to the
following Sun Alert for details including the workarounds:

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Thursday Jan 14, 2010

Happy Web Serving at Winter Games 2010 & beyond!

Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

It's probably never too late to wish you A Happy New Year! Speaking of 2010, Sun Web Server 7.0 is part of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia.

For more details: Please refer to - Sun Solution Helps Vancouver 2010 Organizing Committee Build Complex Infrastructure for the 2010 Winter Games.

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Friday Dec 18, 2009

Sun Web Server 7.0u7 Released, Further Fortifying Security

Happy Holidays from Sun Web Serve team.

are happy to announce immediate availability of Sun Web Server 7.0
Update 7. In addition to addressing over customer escalations, this
release features new capabilities and offers fixes for critical
security vulnerabilities.

Deprecation Notes: Solaris 8 and Windows 2000 are deprecated. The
support for these platforms will not be available in a future update
release. All users of Web Server 7.0 through Web Server 7.0 Update 6
are encourage to upgrade to 7.0u7.

Downloaded Sun Web Server 7.0u7 at:

The Release Notes can be reviewed here:

On Behalf of the Sun Web Server team, our warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Tuesday Nov 10, 2009

Sun Web Server 7 Helps Set World Records

Web Server 7

First, A World Record in Web Workloads - SPECweb

has obtained a world record SPECweb2005 performance result of 100,209
SPECweb2005 on the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 server, using a Sun
Storage F5100 flash array, running Solaris 10, Sun Web Server 7.0
update 5
, and Java HotSpot™ Server VM.

Enterprise T5440 server delivers 21% greater SPECweb2005 performance
than the HP DL370 G6 with 3.2GHz Xeon W5580 processors, 40% greater
SPECweb2005 performance than the HP DL 585 G5 with four 3.114 GHz
Opteron 8393 SE processors, and  2x the SPECweb2005 performance of the
HP DL 580 G5 with four 2.66GHz Xeon X7460 processors.  There are no IBM
POWER6 results on the SPECweb2005 benchmark. 

For more details, please see the disclosure here on

Second, A World Record In Transaction Processing Workloads - TPC-C.

Oracle logoOracle Corporation announced
last month a world record TPC-C benchmark result for Oracle® Database
11g running on Sun SPARC® servers with CMT technology and the Sun
Solaris Operating System. It's a little known fact that the benchmark
actually used Sun Web Server 7 for connection multiplexing as it runs
TUXEDO (transaction processing monitor) NSAPI plugin. The system under test
comprised of - Oracle Database 11g with Oracle Real Application
Clusters and Oracle Partitioning and Tuxedo CFS-R and Sun Web Server
7.0 with Tuxedo plugin running on Solaris 10 10/09 - and achieved a
record-breaking 7.7 million tpmC at $2.34/tpmC.

For more details, please see full disclosure here on

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Saturday Aug 29, 2009

Sun Web Server: The Essential Guide, with a foreword by Scott McNealy

Web Server book

Sun Web Server
is the secure web serving platform of choice for large-scale
enterprises world wide. Published by Sun Microsystems and Pearson
Education (Prentice Hall), here comes the authoritative, comprehensive
guide to Sun
Web Server 7.0, by Bill Nelson, Arvi Srinivasan and myself. We are
indebted to Bill Nelson - chief instructor training Web Servers
customers worldwide - who authored significant portion of
the book. Arvi - one of web tier architects - filled in several
sections too. Of course, we are proud to have the foreword by Scott
G. McNealy!

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Tuesday Jun 09, 2009

I have fallen in love with [Sun] Web Server 7.

It's particularly a great endorsement when your customers say - I have
fallen in love with your products, is it not?,, and a number of online properties are managed by our engineering (whom I like to call it as the Enterprise 2.0
team!) I thought it was pretty neat when I read (only recently, my
bad), Jed Michnowicz praises simplicity of using Web Server 7.0.

Speaking of Sun Web Server 7.0 - check out

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Wednesday Apr 15, 2009

Web Server 7.0u5, Web Stack & Nehalem.

OpenSolaris Web Stack shines on Nehalem based servers

First and foremost, we are proud to be part of Sun's Nehalem (Intel Xeon 5500) based Sun Fire X2250 x64 servers launch today. We celebrate with two benchmarks on Web Stack, probably first time ever.

Sun Web Server 7.0u5 Released

We are delighted to announce that Web Server 7.0 Update 5 has been released.

By the way, a short presentation on Sun Web Server including its architecture and performance is available here.

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Tuesday Jan 13, 2009

Open Web Server launched!

I'm really excited to announce that we have completed the work to oped
source the core of Sun Java System Web Server under the BSD license.
This project offers a sub-set of Sun Java System Web Server's features,
but is the same highly scalable HTTP server that drives many of the
most demanding and secure Web sites.

The project site is here.

A feature comparison of Open Web Server and Sun Java System Web Server is here.

Developer documentation and build instructions are here.

Open Web Server is a part of the larger Web Stack community within the OpenSolaris project.

We welcome your feedback and participation within the OpenSolaris Web Stack community. 

Friday Dec 12, 2008

Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 4 released

I am happy to announce that Web Server 7.0 Update 4 has been released. It can be downloaded  here.

The Release Notes are here. In addition to bug fixes and stability improvements, this release introduces better compatibility with CGI and FastCGI applications by providing REQUEST_URI and SCRIPT_FILENAME variables, support for default-sun-web.xml, and certification of OpenSolaris 2008.11 as a supported platform.

All users of Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 through Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Update 3 and prior releases are encouraged to upgrade.

Friday Nov 14, 2008

Sun Blogs, Sun Forums: Reference Deployments of Sun Web Server 7.0

We'd like to present two recent papers outlining the reference deployment of how Sun Web Server is deployed -
1. A paper has been published describing how (Sun Blogs infrastructure) uses Sun Java System Web Server 7.0.

2. It's also worth looking at an older article detailing how  uses Sun Java System Web Server 7.0.


Wednesday Jul 23, 2008

Open Sourcing Sun Web Stack, Web Server, Web Proxy Server

Today at OSCON Sun announced many things that I think are cool, but two of them have special value to me.

  1.  We
    are open sourcing the core functionality of our Web Server (known
    variously as Sun Java System Web Server, Sun ONE Web Server, iPlanet
    Web Server, Netscape Enterprise Server) and our Web proxy Server (known
    by the same various brands as our Web Server). The code will be under
    the BSD license providing the maximum possible portability of the
    project, and  will bring Sun more fully into the open source HTTP
    server community. This will happen on the OpenSolaris Web Stack
    community sometime in CYQ3 2008.

  2. Sun will be offering
    production support for the \*AMP stack on Solaris, OpenSolaris, and
    various Linux flavors. The Sun Web Stack will be a product of the
    OpenSolaris Web Stack community and a continuation of the work already
    released as Cool Stack. Support wilol be available in CYQ3 2008.

Exciting times around the ol' Web Tier water dispenser.

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