Wednesday Feb 03, 2010

☞ More on H.264

Friday Jan 29, 2010

☞ Why H.264 Must Be Avoided

Friday Nov 13, 2009

A Software Freedom Scorecard

I spoke this morning at the South Tyrol Free Software Conference in Bolzano, Italy. My subject was the idea of a "software freedom scorecard", a list of indicators for the strength of software freedom in an open source project or product, about which I wrote recently. The slides are available for download.

I also refer to reptiles, and that's a reference to another blog post.

Wednesday Aug 19, 2009

☞ Nothing Serious

Tuesday Jun 02, 2009

TweetSwoop: Java ME Fragmentation Initiative?

I'm at JavaOne in San Francisco and this is a TweetSwoop, where I swoop on people who know the answers to the questions I've seen on Twitter.

This TweetSwoop asks Sun Director Simon Nicholson about the Java ME fragmentation initiatives launched this week at JavaOne by a group of key mobile industry companies, Java Verified and JATAF.

TweetSwoop: US Only Java Store?

I'm trying something new today. Having finally given in to the desire to buy a personal video recorder (the Flip Ultra HD), I decided to use it to swoop on people who know the answers to the questions I've seen on Twitter.

My first TweetSwoop victim interviewee was Jeet Kaul, who I asked the question I'd seen from @The_Contrarian, who asked why the new Java Store was closed and under a kind of NDA and from a number of people asking why it was restricted to the US.

Friday May 22, 2009

☞ Unexpected Segway Usage

Wednesday Feb 11, 2009

The Third Wave on Video

While I was in Australia I recorded this video with the essence of my talk about the third wave of free and open source software - the adoption-led trend, the freedom to leave, the way it's Stallman's four freedoms that are the root of the value for enterprise use of FOSS and the way Sun's new organisation can deliver the value needed to succeed with open source.

Check out the full page too. I'm checking with them what happened to the Ogg version.

Thursday Mar 15, 2007

LiveMink TV: Java Opens Up

You may recall this is Open Source Month at SDN TV. As I'm the host of the next three episodes, I'll treat them as LiveMInk podcasts and include them here, but to see the video you really should go over and watch the episodes, and the best move is actually to subscribe to the SDN TV Podcast.

This programme features the most excellent Mark Reinhold talking about OpenJDK and then the equally excellent Eduardo Pellegri-Llopart eulogising the Glassfish Project. I actually think it works quite well - take a look.

Update:Many thanks to Mark W for the transcoding, there is now an Ogg/Theora version of the programme.

Wednesday Mar 07, 2007

Open Source Month on SDN TV

I spent a day last month recording a series of video podcasts covering various aspects of open source software at Sun and beyond. It was an exhausting but interesting day under TV studio lights with a very professional crew and I really enjoyed it.

The series we filmed launches this month with me being interviewed by Dan Roberts to explain what open source is and what Sun thinks of it. The day I recorded this I had just found out the statistics on Sun's historic and ongoing contributions to Free and open source software and I was frankly amazed - see what you think.

if you like this one, you might want to subscribe to the whole series in your feed reader. I am host and interviewer on the rest.

Friday Nov 24, 2006

IT Guy on YouTube

Early on at Sun I noticed that there were plenty of people around who liked less-than-serious videos. I just found my favourite to date up on YouTube, along with three others I'd not seen before (of varying funniness), all under the title "The IT Guy". Give these a try:

  • Episode 1: "Good Enough" is still Good ... Right? ("Xeon Roasted")
  • Episode 2: More Is More ("Ice Station Xeon")
  • Episode 3: More Is Never Enough ("Ginormabytes")
  • Episode 4: Out Of The Box ("Xeon Sauna")

Seems someone has decided uploads are good - there are a whole load of more serious videos from Sun up there.

Friday Nov 17, 2006

Ogg Videos

Just about to head home at the end of an extraordinary week, but before I leave I'd like to highlight (as Mark has done) the great collaboration between Tom Marble and Dalibor Topic to get all the videos of the event on Monday converted to the open and Free Ogg format. You'll find them at the Free and Open Source Java page along with a Creative Commons license. As some of you might guess, this involved new experiences and thinking for quite a number of folk at Sun and I would like to that all of them for their flexibility. Let's hope that in future we can maybe offer Ogg streaming as an alternative for our webcasts!


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