Sunday Mar 18, 2007

LiveMink OGB Special: Shawn Walker

It's the start of the second week of voting, and there are still hundreds of people who haven't voted, so I think it's worth continuing to publish interviews. Some of the candidates seem rather shy, but hopefully most of them will be willing to speak with me in time for voters to hear everyone's voice and views.

This interview is with Shawn Walker, who joined me via VoIP from Kansas on his return from Australia. His story about moving to Solaris from GNU/Linux is worth listening to even if you're not voting in the election. I've tried post-processing this interview with The Levelator, let me know if you like the audio quality it produces. Listen on!

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Saturday Mar 17, 2007

LiveMink OGB Special: Michelle Olson

We're half-way through the OGB Elections and I'm half-way through doing interviews with the candidates - let's hope I can find them all before too long.

This interview is with Michelle Olson, who spoke with me by phone from California. Listen on!

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Friday Mar 16, 2007

LiveMink OGB Special: John McLaughlin

He's not been involved with the OpenSolaris community much, but today's candidate interview is with someone who has a big influence on the Solaris market by publication of System News. I've not met him before and so enjoyed the introduction. Turns out he has an extensive and practical background in both Solaris and user groups.

This interview is with John McLaughlin, who joined me by VoIP from Florida. Listen on!

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LiveMink OGB Special: Jörg Schilling

Many Unix and Unix-alike OS users owe a huge debt of gratitude to this candidate for his open source software. Without cdrecord, we'd be living in a greatly impoverished world concerning CD and DVD support. His high-energy, forthright and sometimes controversial approach makes him an interesting and often compelling community member.

This interview is with Jörg Schilling, who spoke via the phone from Berlin in Germany. Listen on!

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Thursday Mar 15, 2007

LiveMink OGB Special: Rich Teer

Rich Teer

One of the nicest people I have had the chance to meet since getting involved with OpenSolaris is the author of the seminal work on Solaris System Programming, Rich Teer. Rich is a current member of the OGB having become one when the CAB was fully chartered last year, and he is one of two OGB members standing for election (Casper Dik of Sun is the other).

This interview is with with Rich Teer. He spoke to me by phone from Canada. He mentions his new business venture in the interview, My Online Home Inventory, which runs on Solaris. Listen on!

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LiveMink TV: Java Opens Up

You may recall this is Open Source Month at SDN TV. As I'm the host of the next three episodes, I'll treat them as LiveMInk podcasts and include them here, but to see the video you really should go over and watch the episodes, and the best move is actually to subscribe to the SDN TV Podcast.

This programme features the most excellent Mark Reinhold talking about OpenJDK and then the equally excellent Eduardo Pellegri-Llopart eulogising the Glassfish Project. I actually think it works quite well - take a look.

Update:Many thanks to Mark W for the transcoding, there is now an Ogg/Theora version of the programme.

Tuesday Mar 13, 2007

LiveMink OGB Special: Alan DuBoff

It's the middle of the first week of voting and we still have plenty of candidates to hear from, but I'm happy to have spoken to so many so far.

The candidate in this interview is Alan DuBoff, who spoke to my by phone from his office in California. You can see him pictured to the right working at his smithy, forging I-know-not-what. Listen on!

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LiveMink OGB Special: Ben Rockwood

Ben Rockwood, Videographer

You'll hear in this interview both the delights of working from home (I called at bath-time) and the perils of using VoIP (it took three attempts with Skype as you'll hear from the different levels and the static in various places). And we went on a little too long because of it - apologies.

The OGB candidate I'm speaking to in this interview is Ben Rockwood. Listen on!

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Monday Mar 12, 2007

LiveMink OGB Special: Garrett D'Amore

Day two of the OpenSolaris OGB Election and the fruits of a long night recording interviews begin to be delivered today. I'll be travelling to OpenSolaris Day in London today, but I have two interviews queued so stay tuned!

The next candidate kindly agreeing to be interviewed is Garrett D'Amore. Garrett joined me by telephone from southern California. Listen on!

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Sunday Mar 11, 2007

LiveMink OGB Special: James McPherson

James McPherson

The interviews continue to trickle in - looking forward to speaking to the other 17 candidates, assuming they will speak to me (I hear some of them don't want to).

My second interviewee in the LiveMink Election Special series is James McPherson. James joined me by telephone from Sydney. Listen on!

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Wednesday Mar 07, 2007

Open Source Month on SDN TV

I spent a day last month recording a series of video podcasts covering various aspects of open source software at Sun and beyond. It was an exhausting but interesting day under TV studio lights with a very professional crew and I really enjoyed it.

The series we filmed launches this month with me being interviewed by Dan Roberts to explain what open source is and what Sun thinks of it. The day I recorded this I had just found out the statistics on Sun's historic and ongoing contributions to Free and open source software and I was frankly amazed - see what you think.

if you like this one, you might want to subscribe to the whole series in your feed reader. I am host and interviewer on the rest.

Tuesday Mar 06, 2007

New Feed for LiveMink

Thanks to some nimble footwork from Dave Johnson (thank-you so much, Dave), I now have a new and much more flexible feed for my LiveMink podcasts. If you're subscribed with iTunes I hope there will be an automatic redirect soon, but if you are using anything else please change your feed subscription now to

Update: I now have the new iTunes link in place, complete with a picture!

Monday Mar 05, 2007

LiveMink: Miguel de Icaza

At FOSDEM in Brussels a short while ago I spent some quality time sharing a few beers with Novell VP Miguel de Icaza, the driving force behind both GNOME and the Mono project. Miguel is unfailingly upbeat, even after getting heckled in his keynote, and I think you can get a feeling for his energy and passion in this discussion we recorded at the end of the event in the hallway at FOSDEM.

Miguel talks about why he's not worried about Mono providing a pathway to Microsoft (I'm afraid the juiciest bits got lost when the plug fell out of the recorder), and how he welcomes Sun starting OpenJDK. Listen on!

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Monday Feb 19, 2007

LiveMink: Michael Goulde, Forrester Research

At the Sun Analyst Conference recently I sat next to veteran computer industry analyst Michael Goulde of Forrester Research on the coach home from dinner. While his beat now covers open source, Michael speaks candidly about his time working at Microsoft before joining Forrester, explains how the experience turned him on to the power of FOSS and holds out some hope for Microsoft to finally get it right with the departure of Jim Allchin. Again, the audio quality is not what I would want but the content is fascinating.


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