Monday Sep 29, 2008

LiveMink: Dave Johnson and Project SocialSite

It's Tuesday so that means LiveMink. I got the chance to speak with Dave Johnson last week and catch up on his work building Project SocialSite, a social graph framework exposed as widgets and web services for use by websites wanting to build collaborative communities. Both technically interesting and destined to be an important part of the social media scene, I'll be looking forward to seeing SocialSite in action.

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Wednesday Sep 24, 2008

LiveMink: The Thirsty Bear Tapes, 2 of 2

If you survived the knockabout discussion in Tuesday's podcast, you'll want to give this second episode a chance. It was recorded during JavaOne this spring at the Sun Open Source Party ("unBOF") in the Thirsty Bear pub in San Francisco. It features Redmonk founder James Governor, Joe Hildebrand of Jabber (acquired by Cisco since the recording), Ross Turk of SourceForge, Silona Bonewald of the League of Technical Voters (among other things) and myself. We discuss all sorts of random stuff in a random way - hope you like it!

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Monday Sep 22, 2008

LiveMink: The Thirsty Bear Tapes, 1 of 2

Since today is a travel day for me and I'm unlikely to find a chance to blog, I thought you might be interested to hear this podcast recorded during JavaOne this spring at the Sun Open Source Party in the Thirsty Bear pub in San Francisco. It features a round-table discussion with uber-journalist David Berlind, Redmonk founder James Governor and his colleague Michael Coté and myself in a raucous and opinionated discussion about whatever came to mind. There's another episode coming soon.

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Update: Episode 2 now online.

Thursday Sep 18, 2008

Software Freedom Day Podcast

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of discussing Free software and Software Freedom Day with co-ordinator Pia Waugh, John Sullivan of the FSF and Jono Bacon of Canonical. The podcast has some rather nasty background noises caused by the telephone system, but some interesting conversation. Software Freedom Day is this Saturday, do join in - there are local events all over the world, including many sponsored by Sun!

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Monday Jun 04, 2007

LiveMink: Alan Hargreaves and the telnetd bug

While I was in Australia last month I went to the Sydney OpenSolaris User Group, one of the oldest OSUGs. As part of the evening's casual conversation, I interviewed Alan Hargreaves. Alan was one of the first engineers in the OpenSolaris community to work on the telnetd bug that was zero-dayed onto the Solaris 10 community, and in this interview he describes a frantic day spent working on the defect. Some key quotes:

  • "This bug was a putback to kereberise telnetd"
  • "It didn't exist in OpenSolaris within about six hours of being reported"
  • "The actual fix was submitted by someone on one of the OpenSolaris discussion forums"
  • "It seems to me in this case closed source made the code less secure and open source fixed the problem"

Listen on!

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Monday May 28, 2007

LiveMink: Jeff Waugh

Another skipped week, but my recorder is full of interviews so hopefully we should have weekly programming for a month or so, assuming the editing happens this week.

This week's LiveMink podcast is an interview with perky chappie Jeff Waugh. Jeff and his partner Pia run an Australian Free/open source software consultancy in Sydney, and are the Brad and Angelina of the FOSS community down-under. They recently co-ordinated the OpenCeBIT conference within the huge CeBIT Australia event in Sydney, and they invited me to speak there. Jeff is on the board of the GNOME Foundation and talks to me about his involvement there, his new mobile software activity and more. Listen on!

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Thursday May 03, 2007

LiveMink Extra: Open Source Communities panel

Yacht Race in Sydney Harbour

It's been a busy week in Australia where I have been speaking at their CeBIT conference. I have given my keynote about five times in one form or another. I really enjoyed meeting the Sydney OpenSolaris User Group last night, and I recorded an interview with Alan Hargreaves about the telnetd issue he helped solve recently. I'll edit that into shape and put it out on LiveMink in the future. I also have an interview with Jeff Waugh in the queue.

I also sat on a show-floor panel with Linux Australia, and since I have a new Edirol R9 to play with I decided to try recording it. Here's an unusually long LiveMink, of variable quality, with that panel in it.

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Monday Apr 30, 2007

LiveMink: Ian Murdock's View Of The World

It's been a long haul, but I finally found time to edit the second part of my interview with Ian Murdock - apologies for the skipped podcasts.

This second interview is much longer than usual (half an hour) but includes all sorts of juicy goodness including Ian's views on Debian, Progeny, the Linux Foundation and more. Ian is very candid, I think you'll find it fascinating. Listen on!

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Monday Apr 09, 2007

LiveMink: Ian Murdock's New Job

After a missed episode last week (sorry, I was just burned out from the travel and started the Easter break early), LiveMink is back this week with the first of two interviews with Ian Murdock. The second interview is longer and ranges much further, but this one is a good place to start.

As you're doubtless aware, Ian has joined Sun to head up the operating systems strategy for the company, and brings with him a rich history of involvement in the area, not least with the semi-eponymous Debian. In this interview I caught him in the cafeteria at Sun Menlo Park just before his first big staff meeting and asked him about the job he was about to start, his views on OpenSolaris and more. Listen on!

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Wednesday Mar 28, 2007

LiveMink TV: Three Hot Databases

The SDN TV series on open source comes to an end this week with a programme in which I interview three of the people making databases happen at Sun. Josh Berkus is well known in the PostgreSQL community, and also serves on the board of Software in the Public Interest, the non-profit that manages finances for them and for Debian. Sun offers commercial support for PostgreSQL on Solaris.

Rick Hillegas and Francois Orsini are part of the Apache Derby community and work on Sun's database product (yes, we have one), Java DB, which is a distribution of Apache Derby. Go take a look at the programme, which is available both as video and audio (I enclose the audio on SunMink since my LiveMink audience are, I assume, expecting a podcast).

Monday Mar 26, 2007

LiveMink: Roy Fielding

I was honoured to be asked to give the opening keynote at the first ever OpenSolaris Developer Conference over in Berlin. The other keynote speaker was Roy Fielding, who like me is on the OpenSolaris Governing Board. Roy is scary smart, having written the Apache License, coined the term REST and defined the HTTP 1.1 protocol.

Roy was distracted by his upcoming keynote so we kept the interview really short, but his comments about the Waka protocol he's working on (a successor to HTTP) will be interesting to those without the patience to listen to the full Udell interview. Listen on!

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Wednesday Mar 21, 2007

LiveMink TV: Open Source Development

Open Source Month continues over on SDN TV (have you subscribed yet?), and this week I interview Kuldip Oberoi about Sun Studio and about Solaris Express Developer Edition, and OSG candidate Glynn Foster about GNOME. If you've not tried Sun Studio go give it a try - it's a great development environment for the non-Java programmer.

Tuesday Mar 20, 2007

LiveMink OGB Special: Jim Grisanzio

Jim Grisanzio

Right from the start of OpenSolaris, today's candidate has been a respected, moderate and firm influence despite his non-technical background. Having worked with him for many years I know these characteristics come from deep within, and I think that comes across in several of the answers to the questions.

Do persevere despite the poor quality of the audio connection, which took quite a bit of setting up and was pretty dodgy even when it worked. This is the last interview I have in the queue for election candidates by the way, I suggest you go ahead and vote if you were waiting for the end of the series, noting perhaps who didn't want to be interviewed.

This candidate interview is with Jim Grisanzio, who joined my via a relay of phone connections from his office in Tokyo, Japan. Listen on!

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Monday Mar 19, 2007

LiveMink OGB Special: Stephen Lau

Stephen Lau

I'll be ending this series soon so the remaining candidates should contact me if they want to be included (Casper Dik just told me he has a throat infection and can't participate, I've not heard from the others despite two e-mails). I'm hearing that people are listening to the series and getting a helpful insight into the different candidates, which is good - the 24 or so hours of recording and editing haven't been in vain!

Today's candidate interview is with Stephen Lau, who joined me by phone from his office in California. He replied quite early in the process but was prevented from participating until now by a throat infection (lot of it about). Listen on!

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