Tuesday Jan 29, 2008

How To Get $1m From Sun

You'll remember when I was in India I announced a $1m programme from Sun to recognise contributors to a selection of Free/open source communities (and gave a few more details afterwards). In the interim, each of those communities has formed a team to work out how they would like to direct the $175,000 Sun has allocated to them, and I'm delighted to announce that the six programmes are now live. Full details in the press release which links to each of the community sites.

Monday Dec 03, 2007

Getting Paid to Develop

Beaver photo (c) S Phipps

We've got an exciting development bubbling that I hope to be able to announce in full detail at FOSS.IN in Bangalore on Friday when I speak there.

Just to give you a glimpse of what's happening, Sun will be announcing a multi-year award program in support of fostering innovation and advancing open source within our open source communities. We'll be providing a substantial prize purse and working with the communities involved to develop the approach that works best.

I'm announcing it in India because that's where I expect the greatest open source community growth to come from in the near future - the FOSS.IN programme committee relaunched their CfP a while back with this in mind. If we can play a part in catalyzing the emergence of India as a key international open source power-house, the effect on the software industry will be huge. Not to exclude others in the region of course, so much is going on there.

This year's participants include OpenSolaris, GlassFish, OpenJDK, OpenSPARC, NetBeans, and OpenOffice.org. This is a great opportunity for members of these open source communities to take their passion and creativity and push the innovation boundaries - and get paid in the process!

Update: I've added more detail as well as information responding to questions in the comments here to a new posting.

Update Jan 2008: Details of the individual programmes are now available.

Tuesday Aug 07, 2007

More Open Chips

Purple On Green

As a member of the Interim Governing Board of the OpenSPARC community, I got a note a few days ago from the Sun Microelectronics team telling me some great news. The new low-energy, high-performance chip they have designed, codenamed Niagara 2, is now available as the UltraSPARC T2. But much more importantly, they're releasing all the source code for it under the GPL v2 and asking OpenSPARC to look after it.

OpenSPARC has been quite a surprise to me. The Board met last week to explore the shape of the community governance and we have a pretty coherent draft prepared. Even during the formative stages, though, we've seen amazing effects caused by OpenSPARC, including the tremendous work of David Miller and the Linux crew, leading to commercial support Ubuntu on SPARC by the good folks at Canonical. It was evident from the "Open Source Hardware" panel at OSCON that this area is still an adventure, but "The World's First Free 64-bit CMT Microprocessors" are inspiring innovation and change beyond anything Sun could have achieved alone.

The new chip is still great for tasks like web serving, but now has higher throughput and much, much better floating-point capabilities. Even more interesting is the fact that the openness is paying off. We'd already seen projects in China and the UK to create OpenSPARC derivitives for the embedded market; today, Jonathan writes about a new OEM. What next? A laptop?

Wednesday Mar 14, 2007

Another OGB

OpenSPARC Governing Board

Last time I was out in California the OpenSPARC Governing Board met for its second meeting and then went out for dinner together since it was the first time most of us had met in person.

Taking photographs of the alligator in our stream I realised I'd not downloaded the Board picture I had taken, so here for your pleasure is a picture of the OpenSPARC Governing Board. We're currently working our way through thinking about structures for the OpenSPARC community - something quite different from most communities I have encountered before since rapid iteration and 'release early, release often' won't apply. All suggestions welcome.

Sunday Dec 24, 2006

Happy Christmas!

Holly and Berries

In a move that seems a rarity for 2006, I am actually at home today with my family in Southampton celebrating Christmas. It's been an amazing year and I am truly thankful of the privilege of being in charge of Sun's Free and Open Source software strategy in the year that both SPARC and the Java platform were liberated. It's left me exhausted so I am not too much fun to be around, but everyone else is bouncing with energy so no-one will notice!

I hope the holiday season proves refreshing and joyful for you! If you feel need for some perspective, Minitaure Earth can provide all you need.


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