Monday Mar 12, 2007

LiveMink OGB Special: Garrett D'Amore

Day two of the OpenSolaris OGB Election and the fruits of a long night recording interviews begin to be delivered today. I'll be travelling to OpenSolaris Day in London today, but I have two interviews queued so stay tuned!

The next candidate kindly agreeing to be interviewed is Garrett D'Amore. Garrett joined me by telephone from southern California. Listen on!

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Sunday Mar 11, 2007

LiveMink OGB Special: James McPherson

James McPherson

The interviews continue to trickle in - looking forward to speaking to the other 17 candidates, assuming they will speak to me (I hear some of them don't want to).

My second interviewee in the LiveMink Election Special series is James McPherson. James joined me by telephone from Sydney. Listen on!

[MP3]—[Ogg]—[iTunes]—(14' 52")

Wednesday Mar 07, 2007

Testing the OpenSolaris Voting System

The voting system for the OpenSolaris Governing Board elections needs testing. Stephen Hahn has done tremendous work in the last few weeks constructing the OpenSolaris voting site. The current temporary OGB decided it would be smart to have a test run with it before the actual election, so it will open for a trial vote at 00:00 PST tonight, closing Sunday at 23:59 PDT.

We'll be asking a set of opinion questions about the infrastructure and function of the OpenSolaris community, and it would be wonderful for every core contributor to try out their vote. That way we'll be ready for the OGB election, and in addition we'll have some great guidance for the new OGB on key issues.

Thursday Mar 01, 2007

OpenSolaris Elections - Nomination Deadline Approaching

The nomination phase of the elections for the first democratically elected OpenSolaris Governing Board comes to a close on Monday. Right now there is a wide field for the seven positions but there is room for more candidates. Al has posted a helpful summary of the election on several lists.

If you believe yourself to be a contributor to OpenSolaris, you should also check the voting system and ensure you are listed on the Grants tab. Al's e-mail has instructions on what do do if you aren't. If you are, you need to get your SSH key generated and included in your profile pronto.

Wednesday Feb 28, 2007

Get OpenSolaris

I'm in Berlin today opening the very first OpenSolaris Developer Conference. I'll be announcing that the new site that allows anyone in the world to order a kit containing DVDs of OpenSolaris distributions, documentation and source.

With a nod towards the good folks at Ubuntu, Sun is sponsoring the kits so that they are completely free of charge, including global delivery. Hopefully this will mean even folks without the bandwidth to download DVD ISOs will be able to join the OpenSolaris community.

Update: If you'd like you'd like a banner graphic like the one above, check out the selection.

Tuesday Jan 23, 2007

OpenSolaris Governance Ready to Boot

As Ben Rockwood notes, the time has finally come for the OpenSolaris community to pay close attention to the community governance. The Board (OGB) has completed a proposed governance document - the OpenSolaris Constitution - and it's time to hold an election. The work was actually completed at the end of 2006 just before the OGB's term expired, and while it would be feasible to select an entirely different group to run the voting, Stephen Harpster (to whom responsibility has reverted under the Charter) felt it would be smarter to ask the OGB to hang on for a little longer to oversee things.

If you trawl back through the OGB discussions you'll see we toyed with having separate votes to ratify the Constitution and to elect the new OGB under its terms, but Roy Fielding pointed out (and I agreed) that really all that's needed is one vote - if the Constitution needs radical revision, the OpenSolaris Community can elect a Board to go do that.

So, now is the time to sit up and take note. Please read the Constitution Draft, then consider if you would make an ideal Board member for the community and be ready for the announcements. This is the moment many of us have been anticipating with both excitement and concern - when OpenSolaris truly steps out as a member-led organisation. Get ready, the project needs you.

Saturday Dec 23, 2006

OpenSolaris Internationalisation

Sphere within Sphere

There was an announcement yesterday that may seem uninteresting to those of us in the English-speaking world, but which could have profound impacts elsewhere. One of the key attributes of the community is that, while there is a core group of developers doing an excellent job evolving the productivity suite, there is a huge international community making sure that is localised globally.

The most important feature of the community is that it provides speakers of 100 different languages and dialects with an office productivity suite in their own language. That's an achievement that the supposed market leader can only dream about - and it makes ISO 26300 ODF all the more valuable as an international standard. The truly world-changing aspect of Free and Open Source software is that everyone can have it in their own language because local people are free to localise it. More than that, because the work is done locally, it can be within an appropriate cultural frame, rather than carrying with it the linguistic prejudices of a foreign company.

So to that announcement. I am delighted to be able to say that Sun has just contributed the Globalisation source code for the Solaris operating system to the OpenSolaris community under CDDL, so that everyone everywhere in the world can have OpenSolaris-based operating systems in their own language and cultural frame. Starting the community was a huge step; this move could prove to have an even greater impact. Congratulations to the team!

Tuesday Nov 28, 2006

Planet Collision

No-one harmed. Actually, the result looks pretty good - OpenSolaris has a new Planet. Great work by Glynn Foster and others. And thanks for the cool Hackergotchi, Glynn!


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