Wednesday Jun 03, 2009

TweetSwoop: Illuminata's Take on JavaOne

I ran into analyst Jonathan Eunice this afternoon. Jonathan's long experience following Sun and Java makes him a great person to ask for an insightful and impartial view of the news so I asked him about JavaFX, Java EE 6, JDK 7, Oracle and more.

Tuesday Jun 02, 2009

TweetSwoop: Java ME Fragmentation Initiative?

I'm at JavaOne in San Francisco and this is a TweetSwoop, where I swoop on people who know the answers to the questions I've seen on Twitter.

This TweetSwoop asks Sun Director Simon Nicholson about the Java ME fragmentation initiatives launched this week at JavaOne by a group of key mobile industry companies, Java Verified and JATAF.

TweetSwoop: US Only Java Store?

I'm trying something new today. Having finally given in to the desire to buy a personal video recorder (the Flip Ultra HD), I decided to use it to swoop on people who know the answers to the questions I've seen on Twitter.

My first TweetSwoop victim interviewee was Jeet Kaul, who I asked the question I'd seen from @The_Contrarian, who asked why the new Java Store was closed and under a kind of NDA and from a number of people asking why it was restricted to the US.

Wednesday Sep 24, 2008

LiveMink: The Thirsty Bear Tapes, 2 of 2

If you survived the knockabout discussion in Tuesday's podcast, you'll want to give this second episode a chance. It was recorded during JavaOne this spring at the Sun Open Source Party ("unBOF") in the Thirsty Bear pub in San Francisco. It features Redmonk founder James Governor, Joe Hildebrand of Jabber (acquired by Cisco since the recording), Ross Turk of SourceForge, Silona Bonewald of the League of Technical Voters (among other things) and myself. We discuss all sorts of random stuff in a random way - hope you like it!

[MP3 | Ogg]

Monday Sep 22, 2008

LiveMink: The Thirsty Bear Tapes, 1 of 2

Since today is a travel day for me and I'm unlikely to find a chance to blog, I thought you might be interested to hear this podcast recorded during JavaOne this spring at the Sun Open Source Party in the Thirsty Bear pub in San Francisco. It features a round-table discussion with uber-journalist David Berlind, Redmonk founder James Governor and his colleague Michael Coté and myself in a raucous and opinionated discussion about whatever came to mind. There's another episode coming soon.

[MP3 | Ogg]

Update: Episode 2 now online.

Tuesday Oct 30, 2007

JavaOne Call for Papers Open

I hear that the JavaOne Call For Papers is now open. I'd love to see a big turn-out from Java-related open source projects across the board.

The open source content my team moderated last year was so popular that open source has been made a feature of all the tracks. I also gather that there are an even larger number of non-Sun paper reviewers this year. Put together, those factors mean so your paper submissions have a high chance of acceptance. So, get going!

Tuesday May 08, 2007

Java Liberated

Today is the day I have been working towards for the last seven years, and I am delighted. Sun just made the source code to Java SE Free software in the OpenJDK open source community. There is a fully buildable JDK available, complete with a set of projects for NetBeans to allow an easy start with the code. I am also delighted to have been asked to join the interim OpenJDK Governance Board and I'm humbled by the challenge that faces us to create an inclusive and effective governance for OpenJDK.

Sunday May 06, 2007

In SF for J1, C1, and more

Finally made it to San Francisco ready for CommunityOne today (I'll be at RedMonkOne as much as I can) and then JavaOne the rest of the week. Hope I'll see you here, not least at the Thirsty Bear on Wednesday evening.

Tuesday Apr 24, 2007

Open Source at JavaOne

Ripening Coffee Beans

I recorded a podcast yesterday with Sys-Con about the new open source stuff that's part of the programme at JavaOne this year. In the teaser for it, they got their wires a bit crossed, so here are some details. This is by no means all the cool free/open source stuff that's at JavaOne, I'll provide some more updates later.

  • First, there's a new, no-charge pre-conference called CommunityOne, which has Tim O'Reilly as a keynote. It includes OpenSolaris, NetBeans, Glassfish, even RedMonk (running their very first RedMonkOne UnConference). Although it's free of charge, we're expecting a large crowd so you must sign up if you want to get in - NetBeans Day already has over 800 registered delegates, and the rest of the tracks are filling fast. Oh, and as Barton says, the Solaris vs Linux track looks pretty interesting too.
  • The .Org Zone on the exhibit floor at JavaOne Tuesday to Thursday is open to bona fides .Org FOSS communities - I wrote about it earlier. I gather it is over 90% full so you'd better hurry
  • There's an Open Source Track at JavaOne itself, where I will be moderating a panel with Eben Moglen and Cliff Schmidt of Apache - great place to compare-and-contrast licensing philosophies.
  • There's a new unConference called JavaOne Camp taking place on site - JavaOne attendees must register (for free) to attend.
  • There's a place to park your boss while you attend JavaOne - the new Business Day on Tuesday. I'll be speaking at that about open source models.
  • Finally, my group (Sun Open Source Group) is running an unBOF at the Thirsty Bear on Wednesday evening, including the traditional Blogger's Beer Bash.

Lots of new stuff, big focus on open source - see you there!

Monday Apr 16, 2007

Dot-Org Zone at JavaOne

Back in January, Geir asked for an area for open source communities at JavaOne. Well, after much negotiation with the show organisers (not actually Sun, you know), we've been able to secure a ".Org Zone" at JavaOne for Free and Open Source communities.

If you represent a bona fides FOSS project, have a .org domain and would like to staff a presence in the .Org Zone at JavaOne this year, consider applying to be in the Zone. You'll have to staff a table for one or more two-hour slots, and you'll get a pass for JavaOne that allows you attend keynotes on the day you are there as well as gain access to the exhibit pavilion. And you get to come to our party on Wednesday night too!

First come, first served, and we're at about 40% capacity as of start of business today. To apply, write to Laura-dot-Ramsey-at-Sun-dot-Com right now and ask for details.

Thursday Apr 05, 2007

JavaOne Business Day (Free T-Shirt Too)

I'll be speaking at a new event at JavaOne this year. We've arranged for a day of content for your business people so they can come with you to JavaOne in San Francisco. JavaOne Business Day will happen on the opening day of JavaOne, Tuesday May 8th.

It includes access to the keynotes and then a great track of sessions for business and marketing people wanting to understand trends in the Java market, including the move to open source, the secrets of the Java branding programmes and a great panel moderated by Anne Thomas-Manes from the Burton Group. I'll be speaking about open source principles and practice - please bring your business and marketing guys and girls along with you for the day on Tuesday.

To make it just that bit more tempting, there's a free t-shirt involved. Bring a colleague to Business Day and, as long as they mention you when they book, you'll get a free t-shirt.

Friday Mar 30, 2007

JavaOne Discount

Word to the wise: If you're coming to JavaOne, registering before next Wednesday will save you money. And if you're coming, remember the blogger beer bash is Wednesday evening at the Thirsty Bear.

Friday Mar 23, 2007

JavaOne Beer: Save-The-Dates

I've been at Sun for seven years this June. My very first day was the opening day of JavaOne in 2000. I have attended every JavaOne; indeed, I was responsible for IBM attending the first one in 1996 when I managed to find a colleague with budget to pay for it (hi, Gabriel!)

So it's with some pleasure that this year I actually have a substantial involvement with the event for the first time since I joined Sun. My team is running some stuff on May 7 that will soon be announced there; we are acting as managers for the open source track which is appearing there for the first time this year; and we are helping connect people for track sessions, demos, informal events and even (we hope) announcements.

I also hope to host a bloggers beer bash again at the Thirsty Bear on the Wednesday evening, so if you have a blog save the date. And if you will be in San Francisco on Monday May 7, save the whole day, something good (and free) is coming!

Thursday Feb 15, 2007

JavaOne Saves 111 Trees

I was just alerted to the availability of the first JavaOne mailshot. If you've ever been to JavaOne you'll be expecting your nice, glossy brochure through the mail about now. Well, the JavaOne team has decided that it would be more environmentally responsible to make it a virtual mailshot, so they have instead issued a PDF of the brochure and asked us all to pass the word around. This move has some great consequences; from an e-mail I just received:

By producing this piece virtually, the Eco group has calculated the savings made as follows:
  • Assuming (based on last year) the brochure is equivalent to 2.5 pages of 0% recycled copy paper
  • Total paper saved = 4.63 tons
  • Greenhouse Gases reduced (CO2 equivalents) = 13 tons (26,297 lbs)
  • Reduction in wood use = 13 tons
  • # of trees saved (assuming 1 tree makes 16.67 reams of copy paper or 8,333.3 sheets) = 111
  • Reduction in wastewater (and associated water pollution) = 78,616 gallons (equivalent to 838K cans of soda)
  • Reduction in solid waste (stuff sent to landfills) = 5.1 tons

I was also fascinated to see details of some of the sessions that have been accepted, including (on page 6) the session on Apache Harmony that Tim Ellison and Geir Magnusson will be giving as part of the new Open Source Track, as well as (on page 8) the Java Libre panel. This could be a very interesting JavaOne!


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