Saturday Jun 06, 2009

☞ End of an era

Thursday May 28, 2009

☞ Semantics, Ancient and Modern

Wednesday May 20, 2009

☞ Exciting events and Interoperability news

  • More local geek activity. Given the employment profile in the area I've been amazed this sort of thing hasn't shown up before - very welcome. Southampton is rapidly emerging as "Silicon Port".
  • "The OpenDocument Format (ODF) Alliance today cautioned that serious deficiencies in Microsoft’s support for ODF needed to be addressed to ensure greater interoperability with other ODF-supporting software. "
  • "Kernel Conference Australia is a Kernel-focused technical conference to be held in Brisbane, Australia, from July 15th to 17th, 2009. Any and all Open Source kernels and the technologies within those kernels are open for discussion. The only hard criteria is that the kernel must be covered by an OSI-approved license." -- Don't be put off by the fact this is Sun-sponsored, the organisers are creating a genuine and inclusive technical conference that looks very worthwhile.
  • New site helps you see just how compatible office suites are with each other.

Friday May 15, 2009

☞ Excellent satire plus upcoming gigs

Thursday Feb 26, 2009

See you at CeBIT?


Next week is CeBIT, the monster IT trade show that has outlived COMDEX and all the others. Held in Hannover in Germany, it is an exhibition of staggering proportions that every geek should attend at least once (my preference: only once).

This year for the first time they have an open source sub-conference hiding pretty much unadvertised inside the event and I'll be speaking there on Wednesday March 4th at 3:15pm. I'll also be presenting one of the open source awards on March 5th in the evening.

Monday Feb 23, 2009

Hear Me Speak - Free

In the unlikely circumstance that you are longing to hear me speak about the adoption-led market and the emerging new business reality it is driving, and on the assumption you can get to New York on Wednesday March 18, you'll be delighted to hear that I'm on the agenda for CommunityOne East along with friends Tim Bray and Geir Magnusson among many others who you almost certainly will find compelling even if I'm not. CommunityOne is free to attend, unless you want some deep training on March 19 on MySQL for an extra $200.

Saturday Oct 04, 2008

The Conference That's Worth Attending

Keystone Conference Centre

I speak at loads of conferences, but there's one I have been attending for nearly a decade which I'd like to recommend you consider. Every year I go the content is spot on, and I know I have to find new insights for the audience in my annual keynote because they are all probably more qualified to be speaking than I am.

This conference:

  • Features technical sessions of depth and current relevance to practicing enterprise software developers without hyping a particular fad;
  • Features speakers who are current practitioners, all of whom have high speaker-quality ratings from previous events;
  • Schedules each talk to run two or three times so you can attend everything you want to;
  • Includes a daily open town-hall meeting for questions and problem solving;
  • Is a favoured destination for long-term open source contributors, especially from Apache;
  • Just announced they will be making the most of Apple dropping the iPhone NDA to include an iPhone developer track with real code from real developers;
  • Is a non-partisan, privately-run event with no exhibits, no "sponsors" skewing the agenda and no marketing hype allowed and no marketing droids presenting;
  • Has been running for seventeen years paid for solely by attendee fees, and has the highest repeat attendee rate of any event I know;
  • Is a family affair, run by a family for their extended family of friends and soon-to-be-friends;
  • Is held in a beautiful high mountain retreat where everyone, delegates and speakers, stay all week and meet and eat together. Delegates go home with a rich contact list as a result;
  • Has great food;
  • Is probably the best technical conference in the world.

If you're an enterprise developer with a leaning towards open source and the Java platform (in all its modern incarnations), you should consider attending this event, despite the fact I will be presenting a keynote there for the ninth time. Try Dave Landers for a second opinion.

The event?  Colorado Software Summit, in Keystone, Colorado. I hope I'll see you there.

Tuesday Jul 22, 2008

Un-Booth at OSCON

One of the perennial problems of sponsoring an open source conference is that the organisers always seem to want the sponsorship to pay for an exhibition booth. Exhibition booths need furnishing and decorating. They need things to exhibit. They need staffing. Most of this would be fine at a traditional exhibition, but at an open source conference there aren't many people attending to choose things to buy and thus the sales staff aren't keen to do all the above.

So what should we do with that booth? An approach we first tried at FISL a few years ago was to stop treating it as a selling space and start treating it as a social space. This year at OSCON in Portland we've decided to open up and dedicate our booth to hosting a micro-unconference. We've set it up with whiteboards, tables, electrical outlets and fresh coffee. And if having a place to veg isn't enough, we've invited all comers to deliver lightning talks throughout the two days. There are still a few slots on the agenda if you want to deliver a talk, but the quality of the speakers already listed is high (check out Monty's talk on Maria for example).

By the way, the legendary (or is that "mythical") Sun FOSS Party is back again this year, 8pm in the parking garage at the Doubletree hotel on Wednesday (July 23). Loads of cool diversions and I gather there is plenty more to drink this year than last. All welcome.

Sunday May 04, 2008

Meet Me At JavaOne 2008

If you're attending JavaOne this year, do come to my session on Wednesday at 2:50pm. It's T-7064 and I will be talking about the Adoption-Led Market and the challenges it brings to the open source and free software community of communities. It's in room 305.

Alternatively, come to the Thirsty Bear on Tuesday evening around 8pm and I'll see you at the open source un-BOF for chat, food and drink.


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