Sunday Feb 21, 2010

☞ Keys To Growth

  • This is an interesting and useful article by a musician (from OK Go) whose work rose to great success through "viral" word-of-mouth video (the one with the people on running machines) but who now can't succeed with the same approach becuase their dinosaur record label EMI insists on "monetising video streams" and thus prevents them letting fans embed their new videos on fan web sites. The failure of the music industry illustrated in cameo. Why would we want to let people who think like this shape our legislative future around the internet and copyright?
  • This is an interesting and promising (and open source) approach to data storage that could be built-in to consumer and SOHO devices to give them automatic data integrity by collaborating with other devices over the home or office LAN. It's still very raw as a technology but I'll be giving it a try at home this month.
  • I've always treated Myhrvold's company with the greatest scepticism (I call them "Intellectual Vultures") and this report is extremely believable. It fits in with the use of patents - especially software patents - by companies like IBM, who hide their patent shake-downs behind confidentiality, out-of-court settlement and fine language about their community credentials.
  • It's now Lent, and regardless of religious orientation I know many of us have the habit of reading a book for spiritual nourishment. This book by Marcus Borg casts a new light on the life and teaching of the apostle Paul and I would very much recommend it as a Lent book if you've moved on from evangelical christianity. If you read it and would like to discuss it maybe we can start a Buzz discussion? (This is the Amazon UK link)

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