Monday Apr 30, 2007

LiveMink: Ian Murdock's View Of The World

It's been a long haul, but I finally found time to edit the second part of my interview with Ian Murdock - apologies for the skipped podcasts.

This second interview is much longer than usual (half an hour) but includes all sorts of juicy goodness including Ian's views on Debian, Progeny, the Linux Foundation and more. Ian is very candid, I think you'll find it fascinating. Listen on!

LiveMink—[MP3]—[Ogg]—[iTunes]&mdash(31' 29")

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Tuesday Apr 24, 2007

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Open Source at JavaOne

Ripening Coffee Beans

I recorded a podcast yesterday with Sys-Con about the new open source stuff that's part of the programme at JavaOne this year. In the teaser for it, they got their wires a bit crossed, so here are some details. This is by no means all the cool free/open source stuff that's at JavaOne, I'll provide some more updates later.

  • First, there's a new, no-charge pre-conference called CommunityOne, which has Tim O'Reilly as a keynote. It includes OpenSolaris, NetBeans, Glassfish, even RedMonk (running their very first RedMonkOne UnConference). Although it's free of charge, we're expecting a large crowd so you must sign up if you want to get in - NetBeans Day already has over 800 registered delegates, and the rest of the tracks are filling fast. Oh, and as Barton says, the Solaris vs Linux track looks pretty interesting too.
  • The .Org Zone on the exhibit floor at JavaOne Tuesday to Thursday is open to bona fides .Org FOSS communities - I wrote about it earlier. I gather it is over 90% full so you'd better hurry
  • There's an Open Source Track at JavaOne itself, where I will be moderating a panel with Eben Moglen and Cliff Schmidt of Apache - great place to compare-and-contrast licensing philosophies.
  • There's a new unConference called JavaOne Camp taking place on site - JavaOne attendees must register (for free) to attend.
  • There's a place to park your boss while you attend JavaOne - the new Business Day on Tuesday. I'll be speaking at that about open source models.
  • Finally, my group (Sun Open Source Group) is running an unBOF at the Thirsty Bear on Wednesday evening, including the traditional Blogger's Beer Bash.

Lots of new stuff, big focus on open source - see you there!

Monday Apr 23, 2007

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Sunday Apr 22, 2007

Last Chance on Euro-DMCA

I wrote to my MEPs last week (that's Members of the European Parliament) using the wonderful Write To Them about IPRED2. Here's what I said, in a personal capacity:

Dear Daniel Hannan, Peter Skinner, Ashley Mote, Caroline Lucas, James Elles, Sharon Bowles, Nirj Deva, Richard Ashworth, Nigel Farage and Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne,

I note that the IPR Enforcement Directive comes to vote soon at the European Parliament. I am very concerned with this legislation and with the chilling effect it is likely to have on the emerging culture and economy of the Internet. By providing established large businesses with a new tool to exploit, we risk the dampening of the innovation that is happening online.

This is an unproven area, and as the US experience with the DMCA shows, unleashing powerful sanctions at the behest of existing businesses results in random abuse rather than its prevention. This directive may have aspects which lobbyists from the drug, software and communications industries can make sound appealing, but it will restrain open source software development in Europe and the pioneering of new European businesses. It is only pro-innovation for those with existing monopolies or near-monopolies.

If this directive had been in place before, Oracle could have crushed MySQL, Microsoft could have crushed and Skype would never have happened. Please vote against it.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Phipps

I said "against" since the e-mail was already long enough without articulating the pros and cons of each proposed amendment - I know they will get the point! So far I have had placeholder responses from Lucas, Bowles and Mote and a real reply from Farage. I've offered to discuss the legislation with any of them that want to contact me direct.

As Glyn and Cory both point out, if you are a citizen of a country that is a member of the EU, today is probably your last chance to beg your representatives not to cave to the unholy alliance of drug, media and software companies that wants to make criminal sanctions available against copyright and patent abusers. It needs to remain a civil matter, and the proposed amendments do their best to keep it that way.

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Saturday Apr 21, 2007

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Thursday Apr 19, 2007

Full Java Stack In Ubuntu

Sun at FISL in Brazil

I just got back from Brazil, where I was honoured to be a speaker at FISL 8. Attended by over 5,000 people, FISL is one of the world's largest Free software events. I gave them an update on progress making the Java platform Free software in an open source community. The reaction was overwhelming - I kept having people come and thank me for Sun's contribution to Free software.

I wondered why so many people were so grateful, and once it was explained I understood. In Brazil, almost all the banks have online banking interfaces written as Java applets; the tax authorities have a tax filing applet; the use of Java is pervasive. This was great - except for people on GNU/Linux. It turns out that making the JDK available in Debian made an enormous difference to the Brazilian Free software movement, since they were finally able to gain the same access to the necessities of modern online life as those trapped on proprietary operating systems.

So I assume they will be delighted with today's announcement, made a little while ago by Sun software EVP Rich Green in a speech in São Paulo. The news is that a full Java developer stack with tools is available from today in the Multiverse repository for Ubuntu 7.04 (that's Feisty Fawn). It includes JDK 6, the Glassfish Java EE server, the NetBeans development environment and the Java DB database. From today, Ubuntu becomes a first-class Java developer platform (just like Solaris Express already is). That also makes deployment easy - having Glassfish or Java DB as a dependency becomes almost trivial. More details on Sun's GNU/Linux page. Ubuntu gets a new colour!

Wednesday Apr 18, 2007

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