Monday Mar 26, 2007

LiveMink: Roy Fielding

I was honoured to be asked to give the opening keynote at the first ever OpenSolaris Developer Conference over in Berlin. The other keynote speaker was Roy Fielding, who like me is on the OpenSolaris Governing Board. Roy is scary smart, having written the Apache License, coined the term REST and defined the HTTP 1.1 protocol.

Roy was distracted by his upcoming keynote so we kept the interview really short, but his comments about the Waka protocol he's working on (a successor to HTTP) will be interesting to those without the patience to listen to the full Udell interview. Listen on!

[MP3]—[Ogg]—[iTunes]&mdash(3' 49")

links for 2007-03-27

Past the Quorum

Looks like the OGB election now has enough votes to be binding. Let's hope people have ratified the Constitution, becuase if they have, we are golden.

links for 2007-03-26

  • The Peter Principle - for Businesses
    "Every company innovates until it finds a cash cow. At that point only innovation that supports the cash cow is promoted. Further, any innovation that threatens or does not support the cash cow languishes or is actively killed."
  • How To Save Newspapers
    Doc suggests they finally climb aboard the Cluetrain before their aversion to the 21st century finally makes them all close down. All the behaviours he fixes here are done in the name of "monetisation" and all destroy their reputation and power.
  • Bread Is Dangerous
    Time the US Congress did something about this. In the UK, I expect the Daily Mail to start a campaign really soon.
  • The World In Only 7 Pictures
    Missing the UK of course. I'll have to look for a suitbale photo.
  • A Death in Brazil: A Book of Omissions
    If you're getting ready to go to FISL or Sun TechDays São Paulo, this book may be the leisure reading you need to get "under the skin" of Brazil's history and politics.
  • Everybody loves Eric Raymond » Deb-Ian
    Just call, guys, just call.

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