Friday Mar 23, 2007

JavaOne Beer: Save-The-Dates

I've been at Sun for seven years this June. My very first day was the opening day of JavaOne in 2000. I have attended every JavaOne; indeed, I was responsible for IBM attending the first one in 1996 when I managed to find a colleague with budget to pay for it (hi, Gabriel!)

So it's with some pleasure that this year I actually have a substantial involvement with the event for the first time since I joined Sun. My team is running some stuff on May 7 that will soon be announced there; we are acting as managers for the open source track which is appearing there for the first time this year; and we are helping connect people for track sessions, demos, informal events and even (we hope) announcements.

I also hope to host a bloggers beer bash again at the Thirsty Bear on the Wednesday evening, so if you have a blog save the date. And if you will be in San Francisco on Monday May 7, save the whole day, something good (and free) is coming!


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