Monday Mar 19, 2007

LiveMink OGB Special: Stephen Lau

Stephen Lau

I'll be ending this series soon so the remaining candidates should contact me if they want to be included (Casper Dik just told me he has a throat infection and can't participate, I've not heard from the others despite two e-mails). I'm hearing that people are listening to the series and getting a helpful insight into the different candidates, which is good - the 24 or so hours of recording and editing haven't been in vain!

Today's candidate interview is with Stephen Lau, who joined me by phone from his office in California. He replied quite early in the process but was prevented from participating until now by a throat infection (lot of it about). Listen on!

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Charting the Next 25 Years

I'm delighted to be able to welcome a new colleague who's starting with Sun today. He is starting a newly-defined role as Chief Operating Platforms Officer at Sun, and is responsible for building a new strategy to evolve both Sun's Solaris and GNU/Linux strategies. The appointment is at the same time both brilliant and controversial, but is the logical next step as far as I am concerned.

Sun bootstrapped the commercial Unix industry 25 years ago. Solaris offers both an unbeatable promise of binary compatibility, so that your current binaries are guaranteed to run on your Solaris system when you upgrade, every time, and an extraordinary level of innovation that has made ZFS, DTrace, SMF and Zones the talk (and envy) of the operating systems scene.

Meanwhile, the combination of the GNU operating system pioneered by Richard Stallman with the inclusive development delivered around the Linux kernel by Linus Torvalds has brought a new life and energy to the extended family tree of Unix. The popularity of GNU/Linux bears testament to the vision and skill Stallman and Torvalds exhibit.

And now there is OpenSolaris, bringing the potential to weave a new cloth from both the Solaris and the GNU heritage, albeit with both cultural and licensing challenges to overcome. Today my new colleague is here to perhaps guide the combination of the brilliance of Solaris and the pervasive and seductive character of GNU/Linux to start the next wave. Please welcome the founder of Debian GNU/Linux, chair of the Linux Standards Base and outgoing CTO of the Linux Foundation, Ian Murdock (click that link and read his own words). Welcome, Ian! It's going to be an interesting year!


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