Saturday Mar 17, 2007

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LiveMink OGB Special: Michelle Olson

We're half-way through the OGB Elections and I'm half-way through doing interviews with the candidates - let's hope I can find them all before too long.

This interview is with Michelle Olson, who spoke with me by phone from California. Listen on!

[MP3]—[Ogg]—[iTunes]—(8' 50")

OGB Elections - Week One Overview

The first week of voting in the OpenSolaris Governing Board Elections is over, and right now less than 20% of voters have voted, so there's still plenty of opportunity to investigate candidates. Personally I have found it very helpful indeed to speak to the eleven candidates who have so far agreed to be interviewed. For your convenience, I've built the following list of the nein published during the first week. Still awaiting editing are interviews by Michelle Olson and Shawn Walker, expect those soon.

All these podcasts can also be found on iTunes by those of you using Windows or Macs.

[John McLaughlin][MP3][Ogg](13' 35")
[Jörg Schilling][MP3][Ogg](12' 58")
[Rich Teer][MP3][Ogg](13' 35")
[Alan DuBoff][MP3][Ogg](12' 41")
[Ben Rockwood][MP3][Ogg](21' 12")
[Garrett D'Amore][MP3][Ogg](17' 21")
[Karyn Ritter][MP3][Ogg](7' 40")
[James McPherson][MP3][Ogg](14' 52")
[Glynn Foster][MP3][Ogg](12' 33")

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