Monday Mar 12, 2007

LiveMink OGB Special: Garrett D'Amore

Day two of the OpenSolaris OGB Election and the fruits of a long night recording interviews begin to be delivered today. I'll be travelling to OpenSolaris Day in London today, but I have two interviews queued so stay tuned!

The next candidate kindly agreeing to be interviewed is Garrett D'Amore. Garrett joined me by telephone from southern California. Listen on!

[MP3]—[Ogg]—[iTunes]—(17' 21")

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LiveMink OGB Special: Karyn Ritter

OK, we are getting some momentum here. I have another 5 candidates in the queue willing to be interviewed, plus the one I am posting here. Maybe I'm not that scary after all?

My third interviewee in the LiveMink Election Special series is Karyn Ritter. Karyn joined me by telephone from California. Listen on!

[MP3]—[Ogg]—[iTunes]—(7' 40")


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