Sunday Mar 11, 2007

LiveMink OGB Special: James McPherson

James McPherson

The interviews continue to trickle in - looking forward to speaking to the other 17 candidates, assuming they will speak to me (I hear some of them don't want to).

My second interviewee in the LiveMink Election Special series is James McPherson. James joined me by telephone from Sydney. Listen on!

[MP3]—[Ogg]—[iTunes]—(14' 52")

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LiveMink OGB Special: Glynn Foster

Glynn Foster

Last week I invited all of the candidates in the OpenSolaris Governing Board elections to record an interview for me. Responses have been rather slow (can you believe that they are shy?) but the first ones have started to happen. I'll be publishing a series of interviews just as soon as I can get them recorded. You may want to subscribe - the podcast feed link is down there in the left hand column near the bottom.

First to the microphone is Glynn Foster. Glynn spoke to me using VoIP from New Zealand. Thank-you for replying and being brave enough to go first, Glynn. Listen on!

[MP3]—[Ogg]—[iTunes]—(12' 33")


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