Saturday Mar 10, 2007

Watch Before You Spring


A bright good morning to all my American friends and colleagues, and welcome to Daylight Saving Time. I am delighted for you that your government has decided to start summer before the equinox and wish you every happiness.

However, those of us over here in Europe would like to remind you that we'll not be starting with summer time until after the equinox. That means we're not the usual 8/9 hours away this week, so all those carefully planned meetings we have worked out now fall in all the wrong places. It's going to be messy, and it's going to be messy for two whole weeks, until March 25th, while we are 7 (to UTC) and 8 (to CET) hours apart.

So, on behalf of all of Europe, I'd like to ask you to look carefully at the calendar and make sure everyone invited to those meetings knows when everyone else is expecting to show up. I expect you'll blame us for all the times we aren't there when you're expecting, but remember, it was you that moved - this is your government saving energy and enhancing Halloween, after all.

[Fixed an impossibly stupid error in my first attempt at this posting! Usually the DST switch happens in Europe first so the 9 hr gap happens in spring and the 7 hr gap in autumn, but with the switch moving 3 weeks in the US it's reversed. Saving the first version for Autumn...]

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