Wednesday Mar 07, 2007

links for 2007-03-08

Open Source Month on SDN TV

I spent a day last month recording a series of video podcasts covering various aspects of open source software at Sun and beyond. It was an exhausting but interesting day under TV studio lights with a very professional crew and I really enjoyed it.

The series we filmed launches this month with me being interviewed by Dan Roberts to explain what open source is and what Sun thinks of it. The day I recorded this I had just found out the statistics on Sun's historic and ongoing contributions to Free and open source software and I was frankly amazed - see what you think.

if you like this one, you might want to subscribe to the whole series in your feed reader. I am host and interviewer on the rest.

Testing the OpenSolaris Voting System

The voting system for the OpenSolaris Governing Board elections needs testing. Stephen Hahn has done tremendous work in the last few weeks constructing the OpenSolaris voting site. The current temporary OGB decided it would be smart to have a test run with it before the actual election, so it will open for a trial vote at 00:00 PST tonight, closing Sunday at 23:59 PDT.

We'll be asking a set of opinion questions about the infrastructure and function of the OpenSolaris community, and it would be wonderful for every core contributor to try out their vote. That way we'll be ready for the OGB election, and in addition we'll have some great guidance for the new OGB on key issues.


Thoughts and pointers on digital freedoms and technology markets. With a few photos too.


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