Monday Mar 05, 2007

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LiveMink: Miguel de Icaza

At FOSDEM in Brussels a short while ago I spent some quality time sharing a few beers with Novell VP Miguel de Icaza, the driving force behind both GNOME and the Mono project. Miguel is unfailingly upbeat, even after getting heckled in his keynote, and I think you can get a feeling for his energy and passion in this discussion we recorded at the end of the event in the hallway at FOSDEM.

Miguel talks about why he's not worried about Mono providing a pathway to Microsoft (I'm afraid the juiciest bits got lost when the plug fell out of the recorder), and how he welcomes Sun starting OpenJDK. Listen on!

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Open Source Java Gaming

My colleague Chris Mellisinos is a busy guy, what with his video podcasts and the number of games I know he plays. But he's found time to make the Project Darkstar technology he's been working on open source. In the words of the project web site:

The first technology release under this project, the Sun(tm) Game Server, is a game agnostic, platform agnostic server technology that provides online game developers the ability to create a wide variety of games that can be provisioned through a single server platform. From mobile to desktop, online game development is about to change forever.

I gather it will be released under the GPL in a month or so , giving Java developers a whole new arena to program. Pretty cool stuff.


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