Wednesday Feb 28, 2007

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  • The Microsoft folks indicated these were mainly positive comments from the national bodies but in fact it seems they are overwhelmingly negative. Lots of people complaining of lack of time to read the two-and-a-half boxes of paper (or perhaps not even time to print them).

Get OpenSolaris

I'm in Berlin today opening the very first OpenSolaris Developer Conference. I'll be announcing that the new site that allows anyone in the world to order a kit containing DVDs of OpenSolaris distributions, documentation and source.

With a nod towards the good folks at Ubuntu, Sun is sponsoring the kits so that they are completely free of charge, including global delivery. Hopefully this will mean even folks without the bandwidth to download DVD ISOs will be able to join the OpenSolaris community.

Update: If you'd like you'd like a banner graphic like the one above, check out the selection.

Tuesday Feb 27, 2007

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Monday Feb 26, 2007

LiveMink: Freedom Task Force

At FOSDEM last weekend, I met up with Shane Coughlan, a long-time Free software advocate and now full-time staff for the Free Software Foundation Europe. Shane told me all about the new initiative FSFE is starting, the Freedom Task Force, which aims to provide a legal focus for Free software in Europe. Listen on!


Wiped Out

I have to admit, FOSDEM was all-consuming and I am totally wiped out by it. I did manage to get two interviews though - one with Shane Coughlan of FSF Europe and one with Miguel d'Icaza - so there's good stuff to look forward to on LiveMink. Hopefully I can attempt to resume normal blogging service tomorrow!

Friday Feb 23, 2007

Sun and FSF

I'm at FOSDEM in Brussels this weekend, Europe's largest and most important gathering of Free software developers. I can't think of a better venue at which to announce that Sun has become a Patron of the Free Software Foundation.

Both organisations have been promoting software freedom in different ways for more than two decades, albeit in different ways and with different objectives. With the announcement that the Java platform will be licensed under the GPL, it seemed obvious that the connection should become stronger. This news is the start of a new phase of our collaboration and I'm delighted to have been involved in making this happen with my colleagues and our friends at the FSF. What a great way to celebrate Sun's 25th birthday.

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Thursday Feb 22, 2007

Brussels Bound

FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

I'm at the airport in Southampton about to make the hop to Brussels ready for a working weekend at FOSDEM, Europe's mega-Free-geek-fest. I'll be delivering a keynote on Saturday, mixing it with the Java Libre folks, and trying to record some podcasts with interesting people. If I can find a printer I'll be at the key signing, and I have no doubt beer and mouiles frites will be involved somewhere. And hopefully I'll have an announcement to make. See you there!

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Wednesday Feb 21, 2007

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Almost-Sir James Gosling

Scanning my news feeds just now I spotted the fact that James Gosling has been named an Officer of the Order of Canada. Tim Bray's view as a fellow Canadian is that this is the first appointment of a programmer to the Order, and a welcome change from honouring people famous just for being famous. James is one of the nicest geeks I know on the planet and I am delighted that he's been honoured with Canada's equivalent of a knighthood. Congratulations, James!

Tuesday Feb 20, 2007

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Monday Feb 19, 2007

ODF Plug-In Preview Available

I'm pleased to say that the OpenDocument plugin for MS Word 2003 is now available for preview.

This initial plug-in application will support the conversion of text documents (.doc/.odt) only and full support of spreadsheet and presentation documents will be available in the final version, expected in April. The converter is easy to setup and use, the conversion happens transparently and the additional memory footprint is minimal. Microsoft Word users now can have seamless two-way conversion of Microsoft Word's documents to and from ODF.

The download is being managed by SDLC and the experience is pretty ugly (lots of clicks, sorry), but persevere. Try clicking on the file name rather than using the Download Manager when you finally get there, you may well find as I did that it's easier. There are feedback instructions in the Readme file that comes with the plug-in.

LiveMink: Michael Goulde, Forrester Research

At the Sun Analyst Conference recently I sat next to veteran computer industry analyst Michael Goulde of Forrester Research on the coach home from dinner. While his beat now covers open source, Michael speaks candidly about his time working at Microsoft before joining Forrester, explains how the experience turned him on to the power of FOSS and holds out some hope for Microsoft to finally get it right with the departure of Jim Allchin. Again, the audio quality is not what I would want but the content is fascinating.


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