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  • March 6, 2013

WebLogic Server- Integrated and Optimized with Best of Breed Oracle Offerings to Turbo Charge your Applications

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Oracle WebLogic Server, a foundational technology in Oracle’s Cloud Application Foundation portfolio and a key enabling technology for Oracle’s Exalogic hardware/software engineered systems solution, is designed to help you seamlessly move into the public or private cloud with an open, standards-based architecture. WebLogic is further enhanced with technologies such as Java SE, Oracle Coherence and Oracle’sActive GridLink for RAC.

Runtime predictability and lower latency with Java SE and JRockit Real Time
Oracle Java SE Suite, the Java Runtime for Oracle WebLogic Suite, provides access to the  leading JVMs- HotSpot and Oracle JRockit—offering you the choice of the right tool for your performance needs and profile. Within Java SE Suite, Oracle JRockit Real Time uses deterministic garbage collection to reduce pause times to a consistent, predictable level.
Learn more.

Scale linearly while improving performance and reliability with Oracle Coherence
Oracle Coherence, the industry leading in-memory data grid, pools and shares memory across multiple systems. Coherence adds in a layer of in-memory capability between your back end resources and the database allowing you to move data that your applications are accessing into memory close to the applications, improving performance and reliability.

Coherence is installable as part of WebLogic Server, and is managed and configured using WebLogic Server administration tools. Users can configure, start and stop, and monitor Coherence clusters from the WebLogic Server console, or from the WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST).

WebLogic Server and Coherence runtime integration includes Coherence Web for WebLogic Server session state management, programming model integration with annotations, and WebLogic JNDI integration with Coherence caches. Learn more.

Active GridLink for RAC Enhanced Performance and Availability
Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle RAC are designed to work together to provide an environment for highly performant, available and scalable applications.

Oracle WebLogic Server Active GridLink for RAC provides the best available support for RAC features in Oracle Database, minimizing database access time while allowing transparent access to pooling management functions that maximizes both connection performance and availability.

The combination of Oracle WebLogic Server Data Source and Connection Pooling solutions and Oracle RAC provides a high-end mission-critical environment offering performance, high scalability and availability features. Load-balancing and Affinity capabilities offer significant performance improvement for online transaction processing scenarios, as well as improving throughput and total response time. Failover solution gives end-to-end rapid failure detection supporting graceful shutdown for planned and unplanned Oracle RAC node outages. Learn more.

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