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  • June 28, 2016

WebLogic Server Continuous Availability in

Monica Riccelli
Product Manager

We have made enhancements to the Continuous Availability
Offering in WebLogic in the areas of Zero Downtime Patching, Cross
Site Transaction Recovery, Coherence Federated Caching and Coherence
Persistence. We have also enhanced the
documentation to provide design considerations for the multi-data center
Maximum Availability Architectures (MAA) that are supported for WebLogic Server
Continuous Availability.

Zero Downtime Patching Enhancements

Enhancements in Zero Downtime Patching support updating
applications running in a multitenant partition without affecting other
partitions that run in the same cluster. Coherence applications can now be updated while maintaining high
availability of the Coherence data during the rollout process. We have also removed the dependency on
NodeManager to upgrade the WebLogic Administration Server.

  • Multitenancy support
  • Application updates can use partition shutdown
    instead of server shutdowns.
  • Can update an application in a partition on a server
    without affecting other partitions.
  • Can update an application referenced by a
  • Coherence support - User can supply minimum
    safety mode for rollout to Coherence cluster.
  • Removed Administration Server dependency on
    NodeManager – The Administration Server no longer needs to be started by

Cross-Site Transaction Recovery

We introduced a “Site Leasing” mechanism to do auto recovery
when there is a site failure or mid-tier failure. With site leasing we provide a more robust mechanism
to failover and failback transaction recovery without imposing dependencies on
the TLog which affect the health of the Servers hosting the Transaction

Every server in a site will update their lease. When the
lease expires for all servers running in a cluster in Site 1, servers running
in a cluster in a remote site assume ownership of the TLogs, and recover the
transactions while still continuing their transaction work. To learn more, please read Active-Active
XA Transaction Recovery

Coherence Federated Caching and Coherence Persistence
Administration Enhancements

We have enhanced the WebLogic Server Administration Console to
make it easier to configure Coherence Federated Caching and Coherence Persistence.

  • Coherence Federated Caching - Added the ability to setup
    Federation with basic active/active and active/passive configurations using the
    Administration Console and eliminated the need to use configuration files.
  • Coherence Persistence - Added a persistence tab
    in the Administration Console that provides the ability to configure
    Persistence related settings that apply to all services.


In WebLogic Server we have enhanced the document Continuous Availability for Oracle WebLogic
to include a new chapter “Design
Considerations for Continuous Availability” See http://docs.oracle.com/middleware/12211/wls/WLCAG/weblogic_ca_best.htm#WLCAG145.

This new chapter provides design considerations and best
practices for the components of your multi-data center environments. In addition to the general best practices
recommended for all continuous availability MAA architectures, we provide specific
advice for each of the Continuous Availability supported topologies, and describe
how the features can be used in these topologies to provide maximum high availability
and disaster recovery.

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