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Announcing the New WebLogic Server Kubernetes Operator

We are pleased to announce the release and open sourcing of the Technology Preview version of the Oracle WebLogic Server Kubernetes Operator! We are releasing this Operator to GitHub for creating and managing a WebLogic Server domain on Kubernetes. We are also publishing a blog that describes in detail how to run the Operator, how to stand up one or more WebLogic domains in Kubernetes, how to scale up or down  a WebLogic cluster manually or automatically using the...

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WebLogic Server Certification on Kubernetes

We are pleased to announce the certification of Oracle WebLogic Server on Kubernetes! As part of this certification, we are releasing a sample on GitHub to create an Oracle WebLogic Server domain image running on Kubernetes. We are also publishing a series of blogs that describe in detail the WebLogic Server configuration and feature support as well as best practices.  A video of a WebLogic Server domain running in Kubernetes can be seen at WebLogic Server...

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Announcing the New WebLogic Monitoring Exporter 

Very soon we will be announcing certification of WebLogic Server on Kubernetes.  To give our users the best possible experience when running WebLogic domains in Docker/Kubernetes environments, we have developed the WebLogic Monitoring Exporter.  This new tool exposes WebLogic Server metrics that can be read and collected by monitoring tools such as Prometheus, and displayed in Grafana. We are also making the WebLogic Monitoring Exporter tool available in open source here, whic...

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How to... WebLogic Server on Kubernetes

The WebLogic Server team is working on certifying WebLogic domains being orchestrated in Kubernetes.  As part of this work we are releasing a series of blogs that answer questions our users might have, and describe best practices for running WebLogic Server on Kubernetes. These blogs cover topics such as security best practices, monitoring, logging, messaging, transactions, scaling clusters, externalizing state in volumes, patching, updating applications, and much more.  Our...

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Migrating from Multi Data Source to Active GridLink - Take 2

In the original blog article on this topic at this link, I proposed that you delete the multi data source (MDS) and create a replacement Active GridLink (AGL) data source.  In the real world, the multi data source is likely referenced by another objects like a JDBC store and deleting the MDS will create an invalid configuration.  Further, those objects using connections from the MDS will fail during and after this re-configuration.  That implies that for this type of...

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WebLogic Server in Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers

This article describes how to integrate WebLogic Server in the latest supported version of Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers. You need to start by getting all of the pieces - Java SE Development Kit, WebLogic Server, and Eclipse IDE. Go to download Java SE Development kit (neither WLS nor Eclipse come with it).  Accept the license agreement, download the binary file, and install it on your...

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